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My daughter has recently discovered Instructables on my phone, and now she wants the app on hers.  Does anyone know what happened to it?  I have tried the Family Sharing feature for IOS; however, it isn't on my list of purchased apps...


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learnuseteach4 months ago

I had the same problem and I solved it by going to Google Play. Touching the three bar icon to the left of Google Play,then open My apps & games, then open library where you will find every app you have ever downloaded. Find and install. July 2, 2017. Enjoy

Haha! You are amazing. Nice work around.

we should petition the creators to rerelease the app! It was lovely and fun to use, but using it online on a mobile device is a bit irritat

Dr.Webb7 months ago

I had it on my tablet then the sd card was reformatted and I lost it.

Like to have it again because I started to use the app to post my first post and it is blocked.

the app has been discontinued. I think that the mobile website is just as good or better than the app

Yonatan24 Dr.Webb7 months ago

It has been removed

Downunder35m10 months ago

Just a bit down the page where your posting appeared is all explained.
Hint: Retirement

Yonatan2410 months ago