Instructables Attacked by Yip Yips!

On Monday, Instructables headed to the Berkeley Bowl to pick up some ingredients for an early, very early, Thanksgiving feast for all of our Thanksgiving Instructables. We needed eggs, herbs, fish, fruit, and so much more and we all ran off to get what we needed for our own recipes.

While browsing the aisles, we came across two Yip Yips! We mostly kept our distance, but we did observe that they liked eggs, were polite in asking for directions, and didn't eat anyone while waiting in line to pay for food. One of them did sound a little like Rachel, but with only a series of "yips" and "nopes" coming out it was hard to be sure.

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puffyfluff9 years ago
Ahh, I'd love to cuddle with one of those.
"One of them did sound a little like Rachel" what make you think she would want to cuddle with you?
Uhh, I don't know. Maybe show off my latest hat extravaganzas, disturbing t-shirts, wacky sushi edits, or my freakish pillows.
squirrel! oh squirrel chittachitta ya squirrel chittachitta ya squirrel yip yip
Darn, the bug didn't work. It's a bug, but I wish it did.
They liked eggs, huh?
was it you?
I don't live in San Francisco.

lol, in their caption contest, i couldnt help but add a reference about your obsession with eggs in there
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