Instructables Blackout?

The Reddit, BoingBoing and [English language] Wikipedia websites are all planning a 24 hour blackout to protest the SOPA legislation.

Twitter have refused to participate.

Should Instructables join in?

What say you?

BBC article.

Wikipedia article.

EDIT:  According to this BBC article, the blackout worked!

Picture of Instructables Blackout?
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canida6 years ago
Hi folks, we're not going dark, but are running anti-censorship banner ads. You'll see them around the site.
yapoyo6 years ago
I feel out of place among the pros, however, 24 hours is better than forever.
I am a pro member and I feel out of place among the Pro's so don't worry.
same here brother
It's odd isn't it?
ahh. now i have someone that isn't a pro commenting.
(Looks around...) Who?
iproberry15 years ago
well..........if every site blocked there page then that day would be awful
canucksgirl6 years ago
For those of you who don't know... the blackout went on today, and will be over soon.

(Instructables did not 'go dark' as canida pointed out here, they ran anti-censorship ads instead).
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