Instructables Booth at Maker Faire Day 2

Here are some pictures from our booth on Sunday at the Maker Faire. We did some gorgeous full laptop etchings, handed out a tremendous number of stickers, and met lots of awesome people.

Picture of Instructables Booth at Maker Faire Day 2
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they showed the pic currently about an inch above this comment on the show on the science channel, brink
Wish I had a laptop to etch. (sniffles)
Skyfinity9 years ago
That dude on picture number four, what a lucky dude. 'Spose everybody's Gonna want a Pipod now. hehe.
Brennn109 years ago
Very cool! Those laptop etchings are great!
i know i want one!!
Patrik9 years ago
Those are some great laptop etchings! Makes me want to buy a new laptop, just to get it lasered up! :-) BTW - was the Lite-Brite broken on Day 1, with all that blue tape covering some of the rows and columns? I see the tape is gone in these pictures...