Instructables Booth at Maker Faire Day 1

Check out some pictures from the first day of Maker Faire. One day down, and we're already exhausted! We've been tattooing consumer electronics, trying to pop balloons with plasma arcs, and introducing people to the site. If you're in town, come say hello.

Picture of Instructables Booth at Maker Faire Day 1
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Borgel9 years ago
Thanks for the etch guys! It totally caught me off guard to see the laser, nice service though.

Noah looks totally beat, haha.

Did you guys meet joejoerowley?

Man, I wish I could have went.

:P I totally forgot that you could embed Slideshows.
Here is my brothers macbook.
Friggin' sweet. :D
I know. I Jacked it from another instructable. :) Hope they don't mind.
Yeah! It was so cool!I am going to upload a few pictures later but right now I have home work. :( Thanks for everything guys!
ewilhelm (author)  joejoerowley9 years ago
It was sweet that you were able to stop by!
No joke! Thanks for everything. It was really nice meeting the group in person. Meeting you guys just makes me want to move back to California more. Thanks Joe
"trade show" work is exhausting, especially if your company is too small to be able to assign "shifts." Maker Faire is less formal and probably isn't quite as bad, but on the other hand I don't think they paid for the extra thick carpet pad, or carpet for that matter, either :-)
Whoa! That looks incredible! I've been wanting to go for 2 years now, ever after first subscribing to MAKE. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Have you met any unexpected Instructablonians there? Any crazy-super-awesome-cool booths, other than the most crazy-super-awesome-cool booth: Instructables?
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