Instructables Build Day 5/31/13

It's time for another build day at Instructables!  I'm going to try to continue working on my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Amigurumi patterns.

What is everyone working on today?

*Will update as I have images :)

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doona4 years ago
mikeasaurus4 years ago
I'm working on a dangerous fun way to apply milled pepper to food, and editing video
Isn't pepper shotfun already done?
I'd try it, if it wasn't for the blow-back...
I've been pepper-sprayed and gassed. Not fun.
Ah, the cultural highlights of the Big Apple...
wilgubeast4 years ago
I'm making a giant balcony litterbox for my high-rise puppy. Ikea carries flat-bottomed plastic storage bins that are nearly perfect. Just needs some hacking.
13, 8:34 AM.jpg
Why not just drill a hole through the balcony?
LP2 Kiteman4 years ago
Ha ha ha Good one !
The downstairs neighbors might complain. They don't actually have a balcony, so the corner of their living room would catch the business end of the dog's business. Without fences, it is good floors and ceilings that make good neighbors.
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