Instructables Build Day Turns into Pants-less Formal Friday

The last Friday of the month is Build Day at Instructables where everyone builds and documents projects (hence Noahw's flood of awesome slideshows!). My project today was to alter this really sweet Geoffrey Beene pin-striped suit I got at a consignment shop for cheap. The problem was that it was a size 42, so I needed both the pants and jacket taken in about 8 inches, which requires taking the sleeves off. Rachel agreed to help, and pretty soon I was running around the control tower still in my Formal Friday shirt and tie, but with the new pants on inside out as she tried to get them to fit. We didn't finish, and I'll post a full Instructable when we do, but for now I'll let the pictures tell the story...

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Lithium Rain10 years ago
I see italy, I see france..
Heh... now that you mention it though, I've always heard it "I see London, I see France..." don't by any chance live there, do you?

No, I'm on the east coast of the US.

Do *you* live there? That'd be an obvious reason to change the phrase.
No, I've just always heard it that way.
trebuchet0310 years ago
Uh Oh, looks like Yeti has been cast aside :p
Before I read it, first thing i thought of when i saw the picture was "Wow Eric, that suit makes you look fat." Great job! (You too, Rachel) You should have made the jacket into a short sleeved number while you were at it!
Oh thanks, I take a 42 LOL
And i'm sure your head is a bit more proportional too...and your legs....and that you don't hold your arms like that ; )
I don't have to hold my arms like that, I haven't a choice rally :-) True, I don't look so gaunt in the face ;-) but my legs have always been somewhat big (not fat, until about 3 years ago), because I did a lot of running, riding bicycle, and some weight lifting (gone are the days....).
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