Instructables Build Day at MIT CPW

Couldn't make it to the last Instructables Show & Tell, Build Night, or Maker Faire? Host your own - it's easy!
I just got a note from Amanda at Simmons Hall at MIT, who held an Instructables build day during Campus Preview Weekend. It looks like they had fun, and made some awesome stuff!

Here's what Amanda has to say:
A few weeks ago the Simmons Hall dormitory hosted an Instructables event at MIT geared towards welcoming the incoming class of 2012. As part of Campus Preview Weekend, we wanted to communicate the culture at MIT and my co-chair Marcella and I thought doing some instructables would be a great way to show that. We enjoy doing really hands-on and creative things in our spare time that span a huge range of talents and knowledge, and this knowledge is communal and we want to share it!

We set up a few stations in our dining hall for a few different instructables, including bleach design tees and packing tape decals, and we had a great turn out... We've been getting really positive feedback from the original event and we're going to be doing it again during Orientation in late August.

Picture of Instructables Build Day at MIT CPW
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Goodhart9 years ago
Ok, I get the other shirt, but that first one, I have this odd and disturbing feeling I SHOULD know what that is......but it is eluding me.....*frustrated and tired* :-)
westfw Goodhart9 years ago
I think it's still MIT. It's more obvious in the 5th picture on the phone, and I'm not sure about that tail on the probably "T", but ....
Goodhart westfw9 years ago
MIT is where Technology "enters" or comes in? *shrug*
Patrik Goodhart9 years ago
It's just the MIT logo, except with a downwards arrow on the T. Dunno what the arrow is for, but I assume it has some meaning...
Goodhart Patrik9 years ago
Ack! Thanks ! I wonder if the arrow is an inverted "enter" (keyboard symbol) key? *shrug*
zjharva9 years ago
MY BROTHERS LG CHOCOLATE AND NIKON COOLPIX ARE IN THE THE FOURTH PICTURE!!!! yeah he was there and he is going to MIT! he also brought back an instructables t-shirt for me!
canida (author)  zjharva9 years ago
Sweet! Tell him to put up pictures of his stuff in the comments here so we can see how they wear over time. Hope you liked the shirt. ;)
zjharva canida9 years ago
yup i'll tell him to. i do like the shirt a lot
zjharva zjharva9 years ago
*in the 5th picture
zjharva9 years ago
hey canida! my bro wasthere and had a great time with his girlfriend!
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