Instructables Build Night Returns! - 6/19

After an indefinite hiatus, Instructables Build Night returns! Starting June 19th we will be holding bi-monthly build nights at our brand spanking new San Francisco location.

For the first meeting, bring whatever it is that you're working on, would like to work on or are thinking about working on! If you're not working on anything, bring yourself, and you can work on your social skills by interacting with some of the Bay Area's finest makers and shakers!

We look forward to seeing you!

The Details:
Instructables Build Night - Thursday 6/19

Building commences at 6:00 PM

Our exact location:
489 Clementina St. - 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA

Picture of Instructables Build Night Returns!  - 6/19
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Patrik9 years ago
Argh - not going to be able to join you guys - maybe some other time...
westfw Patrik9 years ago
Me neither. It's been a busy week. Perhaps next week's thing.
Doctor What9 years ago
I wonder if I could host one of these in crap yakima.
AHHHHHH! Why can't I live in san francisco??
Adrian Monk lives in San Francisco and I live nearby
LOL! My character does indeed live there...have they ever filmed in your area when you were aware of it? They do film on location, there's a site where people who live in SF have posted pictures of them filming there...
I like the show Monk, it is one of my favorite shows. No, they have not filmed here that I know of but a part of the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire" has been filmed here. By close, I meant within driving distance and it takes an hour or two to get there.
It isn't fair. It just isn't fair.
Mythbusters is in SF.
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