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I like sending email. However, sometimes email isn't fast enough.  So, try this:

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ewilhelm9 years ago
I have made gmjhowe a moderator of the chat room. He has agreed to act very professionally, and to remind people of the be nice policy, if necessary. Please return the favor by keeping the dialog constructive, productive, and pleasant.

lucky! I was just wondering if there were any instructables chat room mods at least I'm on good terms with gmjhowe

a little slow but I get there

Isn't Bumpus also a mod?
of course he cant,hes the good guy
What the?
someone is just jealous
he is, appointed by jake
My comment reply to yours got deleted................
I bet this will too
ll.13 ewilhelm9 years ago
Congrats on the promotion! =]
DavidL8001 year ago

Dowing a science project on 12guage primer if static electricity will go thru primer like I think it will.if not grounded till released is it safe .

DavidL8001 year ago

I am a manual machinst

DavidL8001 year ago

have a ? For top punisher or someone with same skills

Aladin11221 year ago

Hello everyone ; I want to do a watch to track kids with GPS ,

And I want to know what kind of GPS tracker I will use , the approximate price , or any other information that can help me in my project .
And thanks :) ^-^

PrabhuR91 year ago

thank you i will shareit with others

Dear 'instructables' people,

I need a specific device for my audio recording project. I can not find it in the market place as my device (LEXICON MX400) is about 8 years old... so becoming unsupported in the HIDef audiofile arena.

What do I want? I want an S/Pdif to USB interface specifically : two s/pdif in & two s/pdif out going through a converter to a USB high-speed input on my laptop.

I can find numerous examples of 'USB to s/pdif'... ergo USB (out of a computer) to single S/Pdif ins (hi def audio systems)... but I need to go the other way around: from my hi quality mixing device (the Lexicon MX400) using it's s/pdif outs (2 of for quadraphonic sound) through a converter (of hi quality with low jitter) to a hi speed USB (usb2 or 3) input of a laptop.

I have found I can buy external sound cards like the 'old' MBOX (with it's s/pdif in & outs) that would suffice, but these are only SINGLE s/pdif ins & outs meaning I can only make stereo recordings & can not utilise the full power of my unit to make full quadrophonic recordings; which is what I want to do... get all Pink Floyd about my sound.

Any help will be graciously enjoyed. Thank you for reading my note. Regards D.O.

Hello Danny,

You'll probably get more viewers and maybe even good responses if you start your own topic. Good luck!

would be nice

DJ Radio8 years ago
I cant get on the chat. It keeps telling me im "Terminated". Is this a prank?
PKM xACIDITYx8 years ago
I believe the IRC channel have blocked the Mibbit web client because too many spammers were using it, or something like that. I found an alternative web client a while back but that also got blocked (for "racism"). I suspect the web client channels the traffic to the IRC channel through a particular IP or IP range, which was blocked for someone being racist on it so now the whole web client doesn't work. The easiest solution is to install a client on your computer, like mIRC or Pidgin or something.
Derin PKM8 years ago
Here is a webchat from Freenode themselves:
<iframe src="" width="647" height="400"></iframe>

lol, your html code didn't work with you.

you do know that you are talking to someone who hasn't posted for 5 years

paqrat PKM7 years ago
tried to get to the chatroom through mirc but kept getting diconnected. Said a software disconnect but I've been on two other servers tonight with no problems. Does the channel not like mirc either. I think it was attempting to join through port 7000. Could that be the problem? Mirc listed the freenode server in its server list
its the mibbit one im having problems with
Something going on with mibbit that freenode did not like so it banned connections from there.
.  That's why I didn't give you a link to Mibbit. ;)
ya thats like the same thing thats nearly goin on for me..
It's a bug which needs to be fixed. Try as a web workaround.
Enter username and #instructables for the channel.
After a bit of research, I found out that Freenode closed connections to Mibbit due to abuse. The alternate URL is timing out as well, so that makes the IRC useless.
Derin Berkin8 years ago
<iframe src="" width="647" height="400"></iframe> If an admin adds this,it will work.
It's timing out.
Dangit, im getting a page load error. "The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression."
same prob
get back in here!
Berkin DJ Radio8 years ago
Aha, I have the same problem!

Hello every one. I'm new here and I'm really excited to share the knowledge with all of you. I have a new topic named (

3 Axis Rotating Flight Simulation Rig) and I would really apreciate your input on it

dbueltel2 years ago

Can a 12v battery be wired to a 20amp toggle switch???

dbueltel2 years ago

Can a 12v battery be wired to a 20amp toggle switch?

what is this

what is this

62bailey3 years ago

I am trying to use vixen and neeb som help on the programing in a slow maner i have vixen and net fremework 2.0 loaded so can any body help thanks

Somebody really needs to Design an app where you can design and create structures and things in 3D. Kinda like a google sketchup for your smartphone, so that instead of pictures I can post a *insert app name here* file and you load it up and you get to see what i'm trying to make in a better sense, then criticize it and post your own creation of how I could do it better.

Trying to explain things in words just frustrates me. Plus sketchup can be just downright difficult to use, so guess im going for an easier/ more user friendly version of sketchup thats really simple to design things with.

If there is something like this out there, please let me know what it is and why nobody uses it? maybe somebody can simplify it for use on instructables and just in general.

inventor 3d or 3d cad. it works with auto cad really expensive though. there is a trial but I think it needs to work with auto cad


I feel like im going to end up using them all! lmao



I feel like im going to end up using them all! lmao

elilco3 years ago

Hi guys,

I'm trying to setup my home aquaponics automation and im very new to this. i followed instructions on how to setup me water temperature sensor with LCD display and that's working beautifully.
Now i want to add code lines for low temperature to activate a relay and high temperature turn off the relay. my relay is on digital 8
here's my code so far its the 3rd and 4th attachments i'm trying to add variables to turn on and off a relay on digital pin 8 and i just dont know how to write it.
can anyone give me some help with this. heres my code so far:

// LCD Thermostat

#include <OneWire.h>

#include <LiquidCrystal.h>

// Connections:

// rs (LCD pin 4) to Arduino pin 12

// rw (LCD pin 5) to Arduino pin 11

// enable (LCD pin 6) to Arduino pin 10

// LCD pin 15 to Arduino pin 13

// LCD pins d4, d5, d6, d7 to Arduino pins 5, 4, 3, 2

LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2);

int backLight = 13; // pin 13 will control the backlight

OneWire ds(8); // ds18b20 pin #2 (middle pin) to Arduino pin 8

byte i;

byte present = 0;

byte data[12];

byte addr[8];

int HighByte, LowByte, SignBit, Whole, Fract, TReading, Tc_100, FWhole;

void setup(void) {

pinMode(backLight, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(backLight, HIGH); // turn backlight on. Replace 'HIGH' with 'LOW' to turn it off.

lcd.begin(2,16); // rows, columns. use 2,16 for a 2x16 LCD, etc.

lcd.clear(); // start with a blank screen

lcd.setCursor(0,0); // set cursor to column 0, row 0

if ( ! {

lcd.clear(); lcd.print("No more addrs");





if ( OneWire::crc8( addr, 7) != addr[7]) {

lcd.clear(); lcd.print("CRC not valid!");





void getTemp() {

int foo, bar;



present = ds.reset();;


for ( i = 0; i < 9; i++) {

data[i] =;


LowByte = data[0];

HighByte = data[1];

TReading = (HighByte << 8) + LowByte;

SignBit = TReading & 0x8000; // test most sig bit

if (SignBit) {

TReading = -TReading;


Tc_100 = (6 * TReading) + TReading / 4; // multiply by (100 * 0.0625) or 6.25

Whole = Tc_100 / 100; // separate off the whole and fractional portions

Fract = Tc_100 % 100;

if (Fract > 49) {

if (SignBit) {


} else {




if (SignBit) {

bar = -1;

} else {

bar = 1;


foo = ((Whole * bar) * 18); // celsius to fahrenheit conversion section

FWhole = (((Whole * bar) * 18) / 10) + 32;

if ((foo % 10) > 4) { // round up if needed




void printTemp(void) {



lcd.print("Temp is: ");


if (SignBit) {




lcd.print(" C / ");


lcd.print(" F");


void loop(void) {





Kiteman elilco3 years ago

Hi, since this is a [very] old topic, you'd be better off starting your own topic in the Tech forum. Just click here:

MENEATER3 years ago

Do I have to wait for 6 years long?

MENEATER3 years ago

Is this Chatting Room?



JM19993 years ago


arunn19864 years ago


i was hoping if you guys could help me out with suggestions on how to transmit sound through wireless sound transmitters .

1. equipment needed.

2. the concept.

my requirement is that i need a device which kept in a place ( sort of hearing aid) can standby for 24 hrs.. and i can record the sounds recieved at that location wirelessly at somewhere around 10 to 20 mtres. ...


angpal594 years ago
I guess im on the wrong website, no help here but a bunch of high school kids. Ill try somewhere else, maybe they can help me.
angpal594 years ago
I hope somebody out there knows the answer, the other day my Gateways cpu fan was kind of reving sporadically so I say what the heck, I take the sides off it and unclipped the cpu fan so I could blow everything out with some compressed air, ok, everything looks good, put it back together, NOTHING BUT A HIGH REVING FAN that never reved back down and that was the end of it, no lights, no beeps, no nothing. I take another sata HD that I know is good, same thing, but now check this out, I have one of those adapters where you can hook to a sata with 2 usb plugs and plug it into another comp, so I take my HD off the Gateway I just blew out and hooked it to the adapter and nothing, but that other HD drive showed up ok, I am one confused SOB. The best part is its under warranty, but wouldnt you agree Im missing something here, something just isnt right. And before you asked if about the troubleshooting, I think I covered most, taking everything off but the monitor, unpligging it, holding power button for 30 secs. switched ram, completely moved ram, completely removed HD. No beeps No lights no nothing. Now on this particular monitor it has the button on top where you push down and the light is on top, but there is a little blinking light facing you right underneath the button but while the fan just blows on high and never revs down that light just blinks at the same pace continuously. Im getting ready to pack it up but I have this gut feeling im missing something only because it was working until I blew it out.Unless its all a coincidence. Please weigh in, Thanks angpla59
Sorunome4 years ago
The mibbit one could be removed as freenode blocked mibbit connections.
tumidaj4 years ago
grats! :)
bk-bear4 years ago
hi i have a question. do someone know instructible our a sight about how to build some sort of rfid or radio transmitter that can be activated by an cell phone and then tracked from a computer or something.
my neighbors atv got stolen yesterday and i don`t want my to get stolen and a new system is far to expensive so i was going to build one my self nut i don`t now how.
please help me:)
Kiteman bk-bear4 years ago
Hi, bk-bear,

I can't help directly, but there are people here who can. You need to do two things:

1. Use the search box at the top-right of the page.

2. Start a new topic in the "technology" forum, so that the right people see your question. This topic is *about* the chat room, it isn't a chat room itself.

angpal594 years ago
Hello everybody, I have a question. I have a spy gear video remote control RC ATV Tank I got off ebay and it works ok, I was able to view it on my old sony vaio desktop through gigapocket if anybody is familiar with that. But anyway the video comes in pretty good but the tracking is off a little. I opened it up and turned a few pots but to no avail. anybody have any ideas? It has a thumb know on the side of the controller which I believe was for this tracking but it does nothing. Do you think replacing that might help?
logicrules5 years ago
While some may find their music very soothing to them in most cases it is not only annoying but distracting as well. In my case whenever I view an ible and hear music being played I immediately close it. Either one is presenting a musical ible or a tech ible. Make up your mind.
Are you moaning about the sound-tracks on people's videos?

If so, you picked the wrong topic - this is a topic about a chat-room that works off-site.

I suggest you start a new topic, as I do not recall the subject being raised before.
vince265 years ago
vince265 years ago
vince265 years ago
Quadry5 years ago
Hi everyone am new here also new to building ROBOT please who can help me out
iproberry16 years ago
iproberry16 years ago
GASSYPOOTS6 years ago
i turned my dsi into a windows XP LOL :D
ntuli6 years ago
For SEO purposes... you can visit
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
I can't get on the 2nd one.
yeah, it says "terminated"?
Jayefuu dombeef6 years ago still works
aliibaba6 years ago
does anyone know how i can connect a FSR force sensor to a digital alarm clock ?
williejw6 years ago
Does anybody have any instructions on how to make a model for ERNEST RUTHERFORDS goldfoil experiment.
Flagged as "inappropriate" since it has nothing to do with the forum topic. Please see my other response to your duplicated post.
Three years old and I never saw this...
Wow, only 3 years old, amazing.

Oh wait, you mean you have been "around for 3 years" ...sorry, my mistake ;-)
i don;t know how to use a chat room
janesan_147 years ago
Hi, Janesan.

(You'll get more people saying hello if you start a new topic (see the Submit button at the top of every page, or the New Topic button at the top of the list of topics), or join in the actual chatroom).

kcls7 years ago
Hello people of the chat room! Here is what is working for me. The first one works. You enter your gender and age and then your in. Too chat you will need to enter a user name. The second one, mibbit, doesn't work. It just says "terminated". Don't use it. The third one works the best. Just enter in a user name and your in. Hope I could help!
nominds7 years ago
i have sony car stereo cassete player, i wanto it convert to a amplifer.,how do i do it., where should search for this situation
Derin8 years ago
Tomcat94 Derin8 years ago
nice pic.
Thanks. Metal Gear 'Ible Robot! :D
Think you could make a halo one?
Sure, why not? I'll try that later on. I'm going on vacation right now.
Derin Tomcat948 years ago
Go bacck on topic!!! O RLY?
DJ Radio Derin8 years ago
do not try to restart that....
O RLY? :-)
aww, what the heck


Derin Derin8 years ago
Derin Derin8 years ago
Derin Derin8 years ago
Derin Derin8 years ago
Derin Derin8 years ago
Derin Derin8 years ago
Bartboy Derin8 years ago
Derin Bartboy8 years ago
DJ Radio Derin8 years ago
cool!!!! jedi penguins would be awesome!!!
Tomcat94 Derin8 years ago
cool thanks.
sharlston Derin8 years ago
ya rly
random but im the 100th person to rate!!! sweet!!! cool idea with a chat room!!!!
101 Darn
i have posted a forum topic, riddles, and i was wondering if anybody here will come and post some. its in random fun
its full it takes forever to load
i know it has become very popular, i wasnt expecting it.
i was
meet me at my orangeboard to chat
None of the chatrooms are showing. Is this a bug?
robotguy48 years ago
Uh, so yeah... The meebo chat got a bit screwed up. It went all backwards.<br /><br />I fixed it, though.<br /><br />Here is a link to the chat:<br /><br />
You can also join via:<br /><a href=""></a><br />
‮One more thought:
I did not cause the chat to be reversed in the first place.  I just simply looked it up and fixed it...  And fooled around a bit...  I try to put my toys away after I used them....
ReCreate8 years ago
What happened here? Its just blank...
Look at my other comment, the one about other irc clients.
Ummm yeah...
robotguy48 years ago
I bet the reason why the chat no longer appears is due to the fact that only pro users can edit the HTML of a post. <a style="margin: 0px;" title="view Instructables Robot's profile" href="../../../member/Instructables+Robot/">Instructables Robot</a>, doesn't seem to be a pro user...<br />
Excuse me!
<a href="">Pidgin</a>, <a href="">Chatzilla</a> and other IRC program will do the same thing, too bad its temporarily gone here.<br />
insistent8 years ago
The chat was great :(, I wish it would come back.
Strange, I don't see any of the chat windows now, are they shockwave items?
Same here, chat is closed?
I dunno. I'll use chatzilla from now on if thats the problem.
Whos here right as i type lets talk !
Holy cow! 800+ comments in a year???
It had over 1000 6 months ago, but admins deleted comments to the point where it got to 100 comments.
OMG that's alot!
Yeah, it was fun too :P
DJ Radio8 years ago
AHH! I am getting an error message! It says "cannot connect to remote server". I was not kicked or banned, but it won't connect. Please help!
I'm using the bottom box and it seems to work fine, maybe find an external irc client?
Zem8 years ago
I'm having a problem with my messages taking a couple minutes for other people to see, how can I fix this?
sharlston8 years ago
why has eric took the reply button from his post?
its tagged as sticky, so it stays at the top, and replys don't work bec uase of that
whats sticky?
making the comment formatted so that it stays at the top, and because of that it doesnt have a reply button
PKTraceur8 years ago
The new chatroom is great, but for me it appears as a 1x10 inch box that I can only see usernames. Is this the embed? -PKT
me too
Yay!!! You're upped in my book! Lol. Thanks Jake! -PKT
Derin8 years ago
Can I get op rights on IRC?I used to be a moderator,you know....
sharlston Derin8 years ago
ya cant just get rights
sharlston8 years ago
theres been a lot of spam in the meebo chatroom
Doctor What8 years ago
Tooo...... Many..... Comments..... *makes it worse by adding another comment*
lol yeah... :-) This forum will need another clean up soon.
CLean up?
Yeah, months ago, this forum had over 1000 comments, and instructable robot deleted most of them.
Derin Plasmana8 years ago
ReCreate Derin8 years ago
Derin ReCreate8 years ago
ReCreate Derin8 years ago
Derin ReCreate8 years ago
ReCreate Derin8 years ago
7/\ 817
fwjs288 years ago
ahhhh, the new chatroom doesn't work!
gmjhowe fwjs288 years ago
Fixed now.
Time to fix it again it seems.
once again, irc and its greatness fails (sounded good at the time....not sure what i mean tho :P )
gmjhowe fwjs288 years ago
The problem lies in the fact that Mibbit has been blocked my freenode. Sorting it out atm.
Derin fwjs288 years ago
Add this code to the page:
<iframe src="" width="647" height="400"></iframe>
Fixed? What...are you an admin or something?
Me and Zachanime are responsible for Chatroom/Instructables integration.
Derin gmjhowe8 years ago
This webchat will probably work:
<iframe src="" width="647" height="400"></iframe>
gmjhowe Derin8 years ago
Thanks Derin, were sorting out replacing that at the moment.
ah, I get it
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
he's teh chatroom monitor-er but im not thinking an admin just stating that its fixed
fwjs28 gmjhowe8 years ago
fwjs28 fwjs288 years ago
hey, im above eric...WHAT NOW BIG BOY!?!?!? lol
fwjs28 fwjs288 years ago
aww....he overtook my comment :(
Derin8 years ago
If my previous comment does not give the full code,here is the code for a working chat:
<iframe src="" width="647" height="400"></iframe>
Derin8 years ago
Can some admin embed this webchat instead of the non-working one?
<iframe src="" width="647" height="400"></iframe>
Derin8 years ago

darn i just found it is for people who spell stuf corectly not my thing
Lol. You can always join and just use spell check. There's a small chance no one will know.
I don't use spell check.And I'm ten. Take that.
I use spell check rarely, and I`m 7.
Take that.
I didn`t use spell check in this whole post!
/me calls foul
/me calls in kamikaze c-130 filled with c4 /me runs away from batch files r us and lithium rain RUN LITHIUM RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
fwjs28 Derin8 years ago
You are!I thought I was the only one!
fwjs28 Derin8 years ago
Uhh, if remember correctly i think you have to be about 13 to join instructables... Take that.
Derin fwjs288 years ago
You can do it with parent consent. Take that.
fwjs28 Derin8 years ago
o rlly? i didn't know that...i have to brush up on my put take down skills..... lol, you seem legit and cool so i won't report ya :)
Derin fwjs288 years ago
then there's no point in joining
Yes there is. By joining, (and using spell check) s/he could end up learning how to spell some words, and develop better grammar.
#1 Im a HE #2 I cannt spell fer mie life Numero Tres# i donat want this betta gramma u speak of
And Fail epicly,Sorry i had to say that.
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
EPIC!!!!11111 one
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
SuperBatch8 years ago
fwjs288 years ago
i believe that should be Oops not Ops yeah, i had to do that :)
and i beleive that should be yeah i had to do that :) not yeah i had to do that : )

JUSt thought i would point out your obvious mistake taht many before me have probly seen just did not have the guts to point out

JUSt should be Just and taht should be that and probly should be probably and HAVE A NICE DAY! should be Have a nice day! (unless you are yelling at me) ....
and lastly, you quoted me wrongly, i said yeah, i had to do that :) not yeah i had to do that : ) ...its the smiley....
fwjs28 fwjs288 years ago
im sure thats riddled with spelling errors, however, if your such a grammar Nazi, then don't read comments from me now on ;P
nah its cool im just jokin around cuz every1 else is being all grammar police
and i have really bad grammer i hate Language arts its boring good thing the teacher retires next yeareven tho it shouldve been this year
yeareven should be year even :)
I just realized that your the guy who beats the women and children with carrots YOUR MY IDOL!! bellow Chuck Norris that is
yes i is...i must work than, to over come Chuck the Norris....
nice catch btw
One thing that has always bothered me is when people tell me to have a nice day. I HATE it when people Tell me "Have a nice day" Especially when They know my day is horrible. One time i was arguing with someone over a banned account of mine,Somewhere,Bottom line,They said it was gone,Forever,Have a nice day! Its just,AH!
sorry man wasnt trying to affend you i was just jokin around and besides i was talking to fwjs28
No,I did not mean that,It just,Rang a bell.
way to go now i want tacos
Sure,Here you go.
I,Personally,Prefer tacos to be like this.
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Veggies(Tomatoes Ect)
  • And lastly,No cats
(I hope you got the joke)
taco backwards is O Cat!!! so i ges what works will work and i am alergic to cats i shall sue thee for thine attempt at mine assassinationith
This Cat is special,Its the Only Can On the Planet that people that allergic to cats wont get allergic to!
yumm...tacos...i wonder if they are a lie...
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
They are,They never existed,They are a figment of your imagination. :P
There you go with the commas again...Tsk tsk tsk.
I believe you mean (incorrectly of course)
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
oh hot damn....that sucks...
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
Yes,But did i Ever say You Could not build one?
Eh eh?
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
yumm tiddly...
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
Or that you can't buy one?
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
WOW,A 1 SECOND DIFFERENCE! WOO We broke a new world record!!!
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
No look,I checked for comments,And it said that you posted one,3 Seconds ago. Isnt that Epic?
fwjs28 fwjs288 years ago
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
I believe that someone is being a pain ;)
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
indeed i am!
Indeed I am
I need You are.
What does that mean?
Ineed you are ;p
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
(in baby voice)Who's my little Pain,You are,Oh yes you are,Who is it,You are.(I hope you get the joke ;))
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
Tomcat948 years ago
It looks as though nobody is ever in the chatroom anymore...
There's an IRC chatroom now. Here's how to use it.
Bartboy8 years ago
Not working......
goeon8 years ago
i cant get on to irc i enter my name and than press connect and it says *terminate*
Derin8 years ago
AAAAAHHHHHH It says the chat is terminated.
DJ Radio8 years ago
for some weird reason, at night, flash apps run very slow or dont run at all.
Berkin DJ Radio8 years ago
bounty10128 years ago
there are a few spammers that come into the meebo chat everyday spamming crap.
bounty10128 years ago
The Meebo chat is failing XD
suprnube8 years ago
i'm at school and my school has webwasher....does anyone know how to get past webwasher so i can go to different sites and stuff.....webwasher even blocks this chatting part of this chat room......THANKS
Berkin suprnube8 years ago
If Webwasher is a seperate application, and your school computer is Windows, you could try using Command Prompt to get rid of the filter. Try something like this:
tskill webwasher

That should stop the filter from running. When you are done browsing, you can re-enable it.
fwjs28 suprnube8 years ago
proxies...or you could get a flash drive and install portable firefox and then add TOR (the onion router) or download OperaTor...
Berkin8 years ago
The new IRC is cool...
Derin8 years ago
Not anymore.:-)
he FAILs....
xACIDITYx8 years ago
It seems as though the new embed chatbox is failing. Timing out as of 9:26AM 5/28/09
PKTraceur8 years ago
*sigh* Howe!!! The new coloured chatroom doesn't work. Its just an orange box, with 2 ads, and a small _hide_ button. -PKT
zachninme8 years ago
Thanks Chicken for skinning the chatroom so it matches the rest of the site. The puke green was really ugly!

By the way, I'm zbanks in the chatroom. zbanks isn't Sunbanks! :P
Don't you also have a Kong account? -PKT
PKTraceur8 years ago
Can anyone help the reeeaaallly small new chatroom? I cant get inot the old ne anymore because of the new one! And the new one is just *see fwjs28 picture below.* -PKT
bylerfamily8 years ago
I like the chat room!
n8man8 years ago
Anyone else get disconnected?
Well, the timing was pretty good though for Slime.
Very. Much bannage was about to befall him.
he wins. End of story.
LOL ya.
It couldn't wait like, a minute could it?
Lol. True.
And the comma should be a period, or the you should be lowercase.
Ok,Thanks for the spelling/grammar lesson!
The comma should be a period, and then two spaces, or there needs to be one space, and the "Thanks" needs to be "thanks"
Ok Smarty pants(Did I do anything wrong here,No,Hahaha.).
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
yeah, smarty pants has three 't' s in have two.... xD
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
Yours has only 2 Ts so ...
No periods, just commas again, and a comma after Ok.
You are making me go mad,Ah The madness!
or the you should be lowercase.
Ah ha!
There should be no "The" There,I got you now!
He was talking about a word in the post. Example; "the cat was drinking milk." You would want to capitalize the "the". :)
Well then,Oh well then...
ENV ReCreate8 years ago
someone needs a life
fwjs28 ENV8 years ago
Ouch, burnnnnn...
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
err, Yay, frozennnn?
ReCreate ENV8 years ago
Yes,Big time. :P
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
i think i dont know if i understand what you aren't sayinf
fwjs28 fwjs288 years ago
damn, saying *
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
Too late. :P
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
He had Improper Grammar. And its "Saying" Not sayinf
Now I get it! (referring to the pic)
You guys connected yet? I'm not.
ReCreate8 years ago
how do i make the robotic text? {{Test}} test test
This is how you do it, lol
I already know thatAh,DUH(no offense meant or taken)
I was pretty sure that you knew how to do monospace, I just cannot resist not saying that message.. :-)
Well that was march,its april,i learned things over a month,next,adding 1 plus 1. ;)
oh i no its 7 my mommy says im a smart boy 0_o
Ah...huh?(note:They say that to everyone,Even plants :P)
I have been fooled! Father throw mother in the dungeon now just to dig a dungeon wonder if theres an instructables on it
is it "message{{{"?
lol, you mean

is it
how do u do that?
sorry im horrible at explaining but just ask someone else,and they may spare you by not redirecting you to the instructable
well can u give me a link to the instructable
Ah,sorry,I can't remember. Just search Text formatting,or Instructables Formatting
Oh, so helpful!

(Actually, if they read their email alerts, it is)
i don't read my emails anymore(unless if i am expecting something) ITs way too spammed now,and it probably has more messages sent from the instructables robot then there are atoms in your finger
You could change your email setting in your profile to receive less mail if you wanted to.
Derin ReCreate8 years ago
use gmail it has spam filtering
ReCreate Derin8 years ago
Its like 300 Non-spam emails
ReCreate Derin8 years ago
Yeah,i am using Gmail
give it a few years
Oh, your welcome!
ReCreate8 years ago
Give it a few months,it will catch up
Hehe, I read that they are billions of atoms on a single stand of hair. Do you have any idea how small atoms are? They as so small that no microscopes can see it, yet... :-) So, can you guess how many atoms they are in one finger? lol
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 3 do i get a prize?
Like i said,(It was a joke,ii meant that there where allot,a ton of them) Also,I have not seen you active lateley,or at all for quite a while actually,how have you been lateley?
Matt214978 years ago
he must have skinny fingers
Matt214978 years ago
ewilhelm9 years ago
I'll be joining the chat room for office hours this Friday 2:30 - 3:30 PM PT. See you then!
eric i want to know why i get banned im just a teen give me a break guys come gimme a chance if you knew me it would be better off but you dont and when you ban me i start to not like ibles as much
gimme a chance if you knew me it would be better off but you dont and when you ban me i start to not like ibles as much

How would that possibly help your case? If you knew me, would have banned me, but you don't, so un-ban me, or I'll just not like Instructables.
I don't think the supposed benefit is worth it...
I sent you a PM, It should help some....
n8man DJ Radio9 years ago
When will you learn your lesson?
DJ Radio n8man9 years ago
It wasnt about how to unban him, It was one of those man-to-man pep-talk calm-down plz-behave PMs
n8man DJ Radio9 years ago
ok, I just said that because of your recent behavior.
DJ Radio n8man9 years ago
Heh, go figure........
You were banned for the things you said in the chatroom. Racist comments and blatant disrespect will not be tolerated.
do it again 8)
when will you be back? i was busy then.
When I'm here, I'll put a sticky comment here so you can be sure I'm around.
Then it's a date! Oh boy, talking to the CEO.....oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. THERE WILL BE QUESTIONS!
Ewic! I can be thewe!
I can't :(
Bartboy8 years ago
LoL. Eric got mad at me for figuring out how to make my comment stay at the top.... He took away the reply button from his post!
I am master of ALL.... for now
Well, now it's my turn.
the King.bmp
Super lame dull xp theme,use royale
Does it matter?
much matter does it
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
grammar bad yous
You grammar is almost just as bad.
Yes,It explodes eyes XP,For the safety of your eyes,Get royale,Its not that dull.
Yes, it explodes eyes. For the safety of your eyes, get royal. It's not that dull.

Yes,It explodes eyes XP,For the safety of your eyes,Get royale,Its not that dull. ;)
is was good while it lasted. For about seven minutes...
ReCreate8 years ago
Look,Non monospaced
Now its monospasedEven more
Now its not
Now it is!
Nopey nope
Am i a genius or what? :P
ReCreate8 years ago
Hey,In the chatroom,my name turned blue after a while. What does that mean?
n8man8 years ago
Room Related Announcement:

Guys, if you see a person named "meebo_support" and their actual name is meebo_support (i,e, no different name on hover over), let them do what they want, they are legit and are actually there to help the room. They must be treated as mods so listen to them. To test if they are legit, try IMing them and see what you get back.

Thank You,
Plasmana n8man8 years ago
What is IMing?
n8man Plasmana8 years ago
Basically you right click on their name and click IM on the drop down.
isntant messaging
ReCreate8 years ago
No,the instructables robot is doing enough...
ReCreate8 years ago
Hey look,my comment!
ReCreate8 years ago
I allready got it figured out
ReCreate8 years ago
I can tell :P So far,instructables robot has sent me 300+ messages
dombeef8 years ago
=SMART=8 years ago
this was good idea. Good Job robot
Bartboy8 years ago
DJ Radio8 years ago

Gmjhowe has passworded the chatroom for a few days due to an increasing ammount of spamming guests.

While this room has a password, you can go to this room instead.
bumpus8 years ago
Well, it is interesting that I can't get into the -ibles chatroom from here.. Jake, explanation please.
log on to meebo, I can send you a pass
I am on meebo...
then im me, I dont know your screenname
Why don't you PM me?
but that requires a captcha :(
the1joebob8 years ago
It seems the chatroom has a password now?
FrozenStar8 years ago
I am having trouble getting into the chatroom from this page, it says that a password is required but there is no mention of a password or anywhere to put it.
Me too. WTF?
Bartboy9 years ago
Why I should have been a mod..... the other Dj radio is darth vader.
Picture 1.png
Berkin impersonated me too........
NOOOOOO The link you gave me stopped it from working!
Picture 3.png
That wasnt me, that was the faker
but it was PMed to me, from you. Not from the chatroom....
There was no proof it was that link. He never said yes...
Berkin DJ Radio8 years ago
Well, I never impersonated you. Period.
Berkin DJ Radio9 years ago
OMG, when was this?!?!?!?!?!
Well, they can usually tell so just message Adrian or gmjhowe to take care of it.
mg0930mg8 years ago
These are the rules.
Here are the Official Chatroom rules, please try to follow them the best you can.

1- No obscene, explicit, vulgar or offensive slang, links, pictures or comments may be posted in the chatroom.

2 - No user may use any name other than his or her username on instructables. If a user does not have a username on instructables, they will pick one name and consistently use it. No user shall take on a similar or identical name to another.

3- No user may constantly warn other members unprovoked. Users shall post the reason behind any warning given.

4- No user may constantly ask the age, name, sex, location, or information of an otherwise personal nature of other members. If a user has expressly stated their desire for privacy to another user, that should be respected and not ridiculed.

5- We have had a few problems with non-mod people talking to others like they were mods, please do not tell people off - just point out the be nice policy and ignore them

If you are having problems in the room, and a mod is not present, then this is what you should do -

  • Inform said person to adhere to the be nice policy
  • If they continue then you can 'Mute' them via the menu in the side
  • It is always best to Ignore, and not engage in arguments
  • Finally, report said incident to Myself (gmjhowe), Bumpus, or Adrian Monk
as stated in the link here
Can someone sticky this...
mg0930mg8 years ago
I got muted for nothing. Can anyone help?
FrozenStar8 years ago
mmm pretzel nuggets :D
So random... and tasty...
I love those!!!!!!!!!! Especially Preztel bits....
It is on my screen, but thats because i have a DSLR camera and can blow up the picture really big with out it pixelating.
Here is my bike mounted on my porch.
KentsOkay9 years ago
I kinda think the one knife in my pocket would be more of an arsenal then all the knex guns on this site...
hmmm, there are knex guns that can kill people if certain conditions are met
They could take out an eye at the most...
no, there are knex guns that can kill people if you sharpen the ammo and put poison on it
That's an if, personally in that amount of time I could have killed you buy hand in a number of different ways...
no, The DD-27 made people bleed, so if i sharpened the ammo, then dipped the point into poison, and then shot you, you would be dead
Anything you could get your hands on wouldn't hurt me until after I'd fatally injured/killed you.
how? I already established the fact that knex guns can kill........
Well first off, any sort of poison you would have access to would not effect until I'd dispatched you hand-to-hand. In a confrontation, knex gun vs. unarmed me, I'd win.
I would use very strong poison, and also, if im in melee combat with anyone, i use my hands, and im pretty tough considering im a rapper and all that
Sure, you could use poison that would kill me the second it entered my blood stream. But the point is what you have available and on hand would not. pretty tough considering im a rapper LMFAO, pretended criminal roots has nothing to do with it.
I would shoot you with a gun that makes you bleed, so it would be effective. Rap did not have criminal roots, in the beginning, it was positive stuff, but then people committed crimes were also rapping, it wasnt our fault. now, rap is twisted a bit
I could make you bleed with a single finger, how's that for effective?
That's superhuman, I dont know anybody else who could do that, so it doesnt count....... The most I can do is Torture you with 2 fingers, one used as a brace
It's superhuman to make you bleed with one finger? You have truly demonstrated your naivety in this topic.
Well, I dont know how to do it for 2 reasons:

  • There should be some sort of brace, so i dont think its possible
  • You need a lot of strength for just one finger, that part is plausible
I could kill with one finger. Point is, knex guns cant kill unless modified, wheres I can kill UNMODIFIED.
IAC's cannon only needs one mod to kill you, and that mod is to take the top of the ammo, and replace it with a knife, like shown:
This is exactly why I hate knex guns. Because that's what most people have in mind when they make them, even if they don't actually attach a knife to it.
Would you rather have a knex gun or this gun:
I'd rather have no gun.
I'd rather have an AK-47......
Those who live by the sword, perish by the sword.
That's not a sword, thats a gun.... but still, I know what you mean, but I read skunkbait's firearm safety guide, and cant i make a joke above?
DJ, it means that those who live by violence will die a violent death. Sure you can make a joke. I took it seriously though. If you are asking whether I would rather take a life or die myself, the answer is I would rather die.
ok, but i said i knew that....

Yvan eht nioj

Just sign here.
You got that from me! ADMIT IT!
Derin DJ Radio9 years ago
Chuck Norris doesn't live by the sword, the sword lives by Chuck Norris.
That's a definite bummer for me... I wanted to die of old age in a rocking chair...
Derin KentsOkay9 years ago
These days, those who live by the sword die by the gun!
Not when we get the jump on you gun folks...
'There is only an idea. And ideas are bulletproof.'
*googles to find out who he's quoting*
Ahh! V for Vendetta... never seen it.
It should be, V for Chuck Norris.
Have you seen the film? im guessing not...
you need to, amazing film.
Natalie Portman... Hubba hubba!!
there is no such thing as Bulletproof, Its called Chucknorrisproof.
Knex plowshare anyone?
Remember, "K'nex doesn't kill people, knexers kill people." And, "You can have my K'nex when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."
Same with Chuck Norris, His foot and fists are fine, =)
that one, its sweet
Ahem.... lol i only use my knex gun for target practice.
Well, a weapon is a tool used to hurt someone.
The knife is killing me, not the knex. It's much easier to kill with a knife minus the knex. On that note, knives are much easier to dodge / block than knex.
What about Chuck Norris.
yeah, poke him in the eye !!!
hehe, is that you in your avatar? cool hat !!
Indeed, licensed Indiana Jones fedora :p
Oh man thats sweet !!! where did you get it ?!?
my friends brother almost bought one in MGM. but we had to go see this drew carrey thing instead which was stupid, half of it was in the dark
Shoulda got the hat, it has an awesome affect on the female sex when it's tipped at them...
look, you get 2 dd 7s, sharpen ammo, so you have x amount ofsharpened ammo, then load them. If you where anything between 3 and 50 metres away, you are dead.
oh noes! its not like we haven't played dodgeball and don't know how to dodge knex!
In 9th grade, we told Mr. Snyder, It should officially be called Chuck Norris ball At our School.
LOL, some kid in my class said he was a pro at karate, and could dodge a bullet, to test we through a pen at him, and if hit him in the forhead, lol
I do that and put it in my home made airsoft its true
there are parts of your own body that can do that too...
yeah, if you dont mind fooling with your fingernails......
w/e, knex are toys, not weapons...
yeah, but who cares, at least knex can shoot
no they can't, it's all about the rubber bands inside them.......
NO! there are a few that require ONLY knex.! They suck though.........
exactly, so knex have no power...
Not as a gun..... you could make a club that would kill though.
sure, you could break it over my head. Then i would break your head on the ground, where the pieces from the knex fell.

besides, that's man power, not knex power.
Yeah, but its still killing with knex. Or, I could just choke you.
no, because it's YOU, not the knex...
I think he means forcing a knex part down your throat to choke you....