Instructables Chatroom Party...Again!

Everyone, its a chatroom party, to celebrated Halloween!!!!! Come on Halloween Eve (October 30) at 7-9pm EST. All are welcome. Hope to see you there. Stay tuned for more chatroom parties by joining the chatroom group

Link to Chatroom

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bylerfamily7 years ago
Lets have another one...
JellyWoo (author)  bylerfamily7 years ago
There will be another one soon. Just haven't got time and the last one failed...
Goodhart8 years ago
the Link to the chatroom doesn't work
JellyWoo (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
really??? thanks.
and thank you for fixing it ;-)
JellyWoo (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
ur welcome.
I have a conundrum.

Perhaps someone can help me.

"Why in the name of all that is Jelly, does this forum topic bring up an ad for the world's largest single muslim marriage service?!
I am speechless.
kelseymh bumpus8 years ago
Not for long, one may guess... ;->
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