Instructables Contest Prizes are Real

Instructables team members canida, randofo, and I just finished mailing out all the contest prizes last week. We had been waiting for some shirts to get back to us from the screen printer and they finally came in. Once we had the items we needed, the front desk turned into prize central.

I have never mailed so many packages to so many different places around the world! The instructables user base stretches far and wide.

Just thought I would pass along some pictures of the process and let everyone know that instructables contest prizes are real, and that the instructables contest prize team takes their work very seriously.

Picture of Instructables Contest Prizes are Real
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FrenchCrawler10 years ago
Today I got the best (sur)prize of all and I didn't even enter the contest.... Apparently, Eric now lives with me :P
Eric's Magazine.JPGEric's New Address.JPGEric Wilhelm.JPG
What is that?
It's a wrestling supply magazine addressed to Eric, yet has my address on it.... Since no one in my family is into wrestling, we wouldn't have subscribed to them. And I can't see how they could screw up two addresses when they are on opposite sides of the US (providing that Eric signed up for this magazine)... So either they screwed up really bad on the address or Eric's moving cross country and hasn't told me yet.... PS: I used a film canister cover with a pin hole in it to focus my camera for the last picture :P
trebuchet0310 years ago
Wheee! My package came today :)
evy-wevy10 years ago
i found my envelope in the picture! One of the dark ones, cause I am a canuck I geuss...Pretty sweet, I am sitting here with mine and I can look at a picture of it in california! :D
sam10 years ago
Wow! the shipping was so quick this time.. my shirt came today! Very nice too, I might add.
CameronSS10 years ago
Yay! I got my shirt today! I had had an excruciatingly dull day at school, but I got home and found a Tyvek envelope from a certain Eric Wilhelm. It is currently in the wash because it had a faint tinge of plastic bagness smell, otherwise I would definitely wear it tomorrow. You made my day. Thanks!
Wore it to school...the only person that got it was my geeky friend. But comfortable, fits well, and with the Robot on the front. What else do you need?
royalestel10 years ago
Oh yes they sure are real! Thanks much for my lovely prizes over the last few months!
Wow...what're in the boxes? Leathermen?
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