Instructables Desktop

A desktop background that I put together real quick and I thought I should share it.

Picture of Instructables Desktop
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CameronSS10 years ago
Nice, except it's too orange, and not widescreen. Try it with a bigger robot, and a full hand. That hand is sweet.
sam CameronSS10 years ago
Agreed. The hand is definitely awesome.
Aeshir sam10 years ago
It seems like you just took a lot off stuff that is associated wit instructables, and slapped it onto a blank document.
Well... yeah... He did say he threw it together real quick. I think he did a great job. At least he didn't post this as an instructable like some would. Good job Dorkfish! (Is that something like gefiltefish?)
That's true, plenty of people would make this an instructable.