Instructables Drawing Contest with Grand Prize of 1yr Pro Membership

Lockpick and I are running an Instructables Robot drawing contest.  Post your drawings of Robot below and win patches or a grand prize of one year Pro membership.   We accept scans or photos of drawings and digital media.

Multiple entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize. International entries are accepted.

Update: CrLz has kindly donated a *3-month pro membership to add to the prizes!

*Updated Prizes:*
Grand Prize -one year pro membership
1st prize: 3-month pro membership
2nd prize: 3-month pro membership
3rd prize: 3-month pro membership

All entries will receive a patch!

Contest extended to January 31!

*********And the winners are:**************

*********Grand prize:
*********Tied for first: technochicken and Hisart
*********Third prize:  Jen7714

Congratulations and thank you everyone who has entered!

Special thanks to Lockpick who came up with the idea for this contest and helped judge the entries as well as Dr.Pepper who also helped with the judging, also CrLz who donated the three 3-month pro membership prizes. 

Picture of Instructables Drawing Contest with Grand Prize of 1yr Pro Membership
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befidasa4 years ago
hey I know this sucks and im terribly at shading but patch worthy? Its small

but here....
contest entry.jpg
ChrysN (author)  aleceatsfood6 years ago
Cool, it's patch worthy!
Thank you very much! It's my first patch ever! But I just found out that it wears off after a month. Am I right? Anyways Thank you so much
ChrysN (author)  aleceatsfood6 years ago
I have patches that are much older that are still around, so I don't think it wears off.
oh.. I thought I heard that somewhere, but thats good! Oh and I've been wanting to say this, your cat (staring in some of your instructables) is very nice looking!
ChrysN (author)  aleceatsfood6 years ago
farzadbayan6 years ago
Congratulation to all the winners !
That was a great contest !
An a special thanks to CrLz , Lockpick & Dr.Pepper !
Thanks! You're awesome! Could you make it in a different color than pink?
Thanks ! , What is your favorite color ?
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