Instructables Enhancer

I moved this Enhancer here:

Hello, this is a userscript I made that enhances instructables.
It features settings and update notification.

What is a userscript?

A userscript is a little script (javascript) that the browser runs locally on the website

How can i get it?

It depends on your browser, for firefox there is a add-on called Greasemonkey, for chrome there is Tampermonkey, google can help you for other browsers.

How do i install it?

Just go here and hit install:


  • Settings menu as a new sub-menu on the you-settings page
  • Auto-checking for updates and notification bubble
  • Displaying comments in the old tree from
  • Displaying comments in the old way
  • Display page buttons for orange boards
  • Fix orange board comment indicators
  • Fix line-break bug when editing the about-zone
  • Full screen-width for widescreen monitorts
  • Hide (removed by author or community request)
  • Make the font size smaller again
  • Make the background orange
  • Fix the commend deleting
  • Added a 'cancle reply' button when replying

I would appreciate it if you'd give me some feedback.
Also, if you find any bugs, please report them! (no known bugs to date)

Picture of Instructables Enhancer
Ibles enhancer 4.png
Ibles enhancer 1.png
Ibles enhancer 2.png
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Sorunome (author)  nerfrocketeer4 years ago
Also, just noticed that you posted on here, i moved documentation etc here:
Oh, ok.
Sorunome (author)  nerfrocketeer4 years ago
Thanks! :D
Sorunome (author) 4 years ago
So yeah, some new updates :D
Shadowman394 years ago
This is really nice! Great job with all the coding. It has been fun following the development of your userscripts. :-)
Sorunome (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
Thanks a lot! :D