Instructables Friends List!

I've been a member of this site for a while, and I've noticed that some of the users here are very close. Wouldn't it be cool if each user could have a list of the other members of the community that they interact with the most?

Perhaps it could be linked to the new chat room, or go even further and create an easier PM system much like some popular instant-messaging programs

Post your thoughts on the matter, would you use it?

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ewilhelm9 years ago
We've been building a tool we call the "watchlist" that will allow you to watch an Instructable, a forum topic, a user, or a group for new comments, new forum topics, or new Instructables as appropriate. New stuff would be tracked in something that looks like your comment tracker.
n8man ewilhelm9 years ago
For the user part, wouldn't that be like stalking.
Eric, would RSS feeds still be available?
Of course.
Good, because I have a million RSS feeds from Instructables on my email client, LOL.
I was wondering the exact same thing, but some people might just add them like crazy. Actually... nevermind. We should be able to approve or deny if we want them to be our friends. Nice idea, I was going to post this, but didn't think it would be so good. :P
This sounds like Facebook...I don't have a Facebook, but from what I hear, it consists mostly of people trying to get as many friends as possible, whether or not they know the person.
Yes, I have an account, one I rarely visit, I got it for a particular reason, which soon faded....anyways, I get the odd person now and then asking to be "friends" without any introduction or knowledge of whom they are or anything....tis a bit creepy.
Noodle939 years ago
Instructables isn't going to become Facebook. There's not going to be any applications. It's not about saying "hey u comin out tonite" (Spelling intentional to signify most spelling on Facebook. It will still always be about Instructables. If anything, what you need to be more concerned of this becoming is a video posting website like Metacafe.
Noodle939 years ago
I'd want it so I can see if my friends have instructables, without searching their name.
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