Instructables Gear?

How can i get instructables gear? It seems like eveyone has it but me. Please help. ='(

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Go to the Instructables Store or Win it
The store, of course, is the most direct route :-)
Make an awesome Instructable, you could be featured. They will send you a patch and some stickers. Or, win something in a contest, you can get more than just stickers and a patch. Maybe some tools, kits, Instructables Robot T-Shirts, books, and much more, you got to work for it!
You get stuff for being featured?
If you're featured in the newsletter we send you a patch!

Otherwise it's Burning Questions and contests.
What can you do to get a shirt? (Besides winning any current contest, such as Get the Heck Out! ? I mean.. Get the LED Out!, or LionBrand Yarn challenge? Is there an easier way? Because there are a lot of great Instructables out there to try to defeat in a bloody match to win a Robot T-Shirt... those blood thirsty robot lovers.
Do note that speed contests (like Get the LED Out!) have a random winner as well, so as long as you enter you've got a fighting chance to win one of the top prizes!
Kiteman canida9 years ago
Yeah, enter loads of mini-'ibles and then rely on the Hoodie of Fate.
is noahw on vaca or something?...... i submitted one like a week ago and still no response
No :( (its ok I got a shirt for burning questions, thanks noah)
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