Instructables Goes Indoor Skydiving

The Instructables team has been going strong for a while now - some of us have even been with the company for over two years! Eric took Rachel, Eric N and me to iFly, an indoor skydiving facility, as an anniversary gift. Flying is awesome, and now we want to build an indoor machine of our own! I'm going to publish all of my Instructables in flight from now on.

Here's video of the first flight we did where we were just learning how to stabilize ourselves.

Here's video of the second flight we did where the instructor took us up and down, spun us around, and let us move around a bit on our own.

**music NOT from noahw**

Picture of Instructables Goes Indoor Skydiving
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DJ Radio8 years ago
It kinda looks like the one On Mythbusters, from "can falling in a straight line catch you up with someone who is falling on his belly?' idk the exact name, but thats How I remembered it. They confirmed it.
 Yeah, when I did this, you only were in the air if your posture was perfect. Otherwise, you lay on the ground as your instructor tries to correct you.
it was a several part myth they do that with movies by testing for 3 different things
yeah, they also tested the high drop and convo in the air.
E-R-IC DJ Radio8 years ago
yea, the sky diver caught up right when they pulled the chute
DJ Radio E-R-IC8 years ago
thats it!
n8man DJ Radio8 years ago
It is one and the same.
DJ Radio n8man8 years ago
I kinda thought. that...
Awesome! I want to try that!

And congratulations! May Eric be buying you anniversary presents for many, many years to come!

If not Noahw, where's the music from? I like it...
noahw (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
It was added into the DVD that iFly gave us as part of package. I ripped the video off the DVD, and the music came with.
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