Instructables HQ flooded!

The San Francisco Bay area is being hammered by a series of winter storms right now. There are gusts to 75 MPH and a torrent of rain. All that wind-swept rain has flooded our server room and created a foot-deep lake on the runways outside the control tower! If things aren't working right on the site, it's the rain's fault, really...

This storm is actually pretty tame by East Cost standards, and I'm proud to report I got a little bit of kitesurfing in yesterday morning on the front of it before the wind and rain truly picked up. It's just that we have perfect weather 90% of the year here, so it's really the relative difference, not the absolute magnitude, that makes people talk about how bad it is.

Picture of Instructables HQ flooded!
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A couple more pics of the flood.

panorama hi-res

Maybe you could use what looks to be a fire truck to pump out the water. IDK, jsut a thought. Best of luck with the water. :) Stay dry. Joe
zachninme9 years ago
Ha! Here, the temperature just dropped to where it's very uncomforable to be outside. That is a lot of water though! Put the servers on top of the wires for elevation! I hope everyone's safe... how deep is the water out by the fence? It looks about 1ft.
Oh nose! Make sure Robot puts his wellies on before rolling through the halls...I don't want his wheels to rust! Since today is build day at instructables...I think a special water prevention system should be developed for the server room. Something that includes foot thick paper towel floors and water tight panels around the carts..Maybe some emergency water bottles strapped around the servers so that they'll float in the water as well.
KentsOkay9 years ago
Mind the wires and water! If you lot fried yourselves it would be a terrible loss to cyberspace =[

As whatsisface said, HOVERCRAFT!!!!!
Brennn109 years ago
Eek! So many wires, with so much water. Not a good combination!
Oh, wow. That looks quite nasty! Hope everything's okay.
whatsisface9 years ago
Ah, I see, the lack of rain caused the avatar glitch :P Seems like good conditions for a makeshift hovercraft to me :D
guyfrom7up9 years ago
gosh, hope it doesn't break or ruin anything significant, like a big expensive machine
That's terrible! Noooooooooo!!!