Instructables Halloween Postcards 2011

Trick or treat! We love celebrating Halloween here at Instructables, and in the past have send out post cards to mark our favorite holiday. We're doing it again this year!

If you'd like one, leave a comment here by Monday October 17th, and we'll send you an address request through our normal prize claiming system.

Happy Halloween! 

Picture of Instructables Halloween Postcards 2011
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Taylorck22 years ago
Awesome fun :)
You need the 2013 topic.
daytona6752 years ago
Yes, please!!
You need the 2013 topic.
fadex13 years ago
I want one please!
jbulot3 years ago
Cool - my favorite website by far!
sfoster33 years ago
Id like to get a postcard for my 5 year old daughter, we do a lot of cool projects together because of this site, thank you so very much for existing!
sbuhlig3 years ago
Yes please :)
salad133 years ago
I love Halloween and Instructables!
super great we love instructables!!!
You guys rock!! I share your site with lots of people! Keep up the good work!! Getting a post card from your would definitely make it a special Halloween! Thanks you much!!
I love this robot! I downloaded the app on my iphone just to see him everyday! Happy Halloween!
TuoKen3 years ago
I love Instructables, and love postcards!
yahooti123 years ago
Still haven't figured out a costume but I'd really like a postcard!
Moem yahooti123 years ago
Then it's probably better to post in this year's thread. This is last year's.
oddwee3 years ago
please send a postcard so i can share it! I love your site!
jeffreyshi3 years ago
I would love a postcard! :D
nerd74733 years ago
so cool I want a postcard
glouie3 years ago
Nice gesture to an already devoted fanbase. Keep it up!
Finally jumped in here to comment...LOVED the powerloader reference on the postcard. This card is definitely a keeper :) Thanks
levijoseph4 years ago
thanks you very much

80$man4 years ago
Got mine today! Funky orange envelope! Delivered all the way to South Africa, that is more than 9600 miles! Thank you so much! So awesome!
Twinmum4 years ago
Mine arrived a few days ago. Thanks guys
dog digger4 years ago
Just got mine yesterday (Slow mail and that's what it's like for me)
I wasn't expecting stickers and that was a nice surprise. Also, the signature from Eric Wilhelm himself was an awesome surprise!
Received with love in Singapore. You guys made my day! Thank you! :D
DJ Radio4 years ago
Thanks for the card guys! Yall are awesome!
PKM4 years ago
Got mine! Signed and everything :) Thanks team! (I will post something soon, honest ^^)
stoeff4 years ago
Got mine today.
Thank you :)
monsterlego4 years ago
Got mine!! so cool.
As did I, and yes, I love it as usual.
SP5344 years ago
Got mine yesterday morning, haven't had a chance to get on a computer till now but thanks! It must have taken some work, well done :)
And thanks for the stickers too :D
Mine came this morning, I now have two on the workshop wall & will find suitable homes for the stickers in the quite soon I am sure.
Thanks guys :-)
cubeberg4 years ago
Mine came on Saturday - thanks!
Kiteman4 years ago
Thanks chaps!

Conker-X & I got ours today - it's in pride of place on the book case now.

Hiyadudez4 years ago
Got mine today, thanks!

Just thought Id take a picture of my ibles stuff just for lols :')

I have a few for stickers dotted around my room :-P
Sorry for the crappy quality, took it with my webcam >_<
HHarry4 years ago
Got mine today. Thank you Instructables!
ilpug4 years ago
Got mine yesterday! Thank you! another addition to my wall of geek loot! :P
nickodemus4 years ago
Received mine today :)
Thanks so much for taking the time to send these out to us! Now to figure out what to do with these stickers.....
Got mine in the mail today!! Thank you Instructables! :)
Weldeon4 years ago
Mine just came in the mail today :D
Hiyadudez4 years ago
Aww man I'm too late! :-(

I was actually thinking the other day about getting this years one cause I have the other 2 stuck on my memory wall :-( Is there any possible way I could still get one?
Vynash4 years ago
Can't wait for mine =D
bkb24 years ago
Happy Halloween Instuctables! Thank You!
Xenobia4 years ago
I got a message but I guess you don't send them to NZ. Thanks anyway and happy Halloween!
kazmataz (author)  Xenobia4 years ago
We do send them internationally, so if you still want one be sure to enter in your address!
Twinmum4 years ago
mmm, I'd already put my hand up for one (and given my postal details) now I've got a message that because I'm a featured author, the robot would like to send me a card and would like my details. I don't need to give my details again do I?
kazmataz (author)  Twinmum4 years ago
Nope! You're all set
dex38444 years ago
this is cool :)
crishrx4 years ago
Thaaaaaaank you....... :-) :-)
elimasmx4 years ago
Wow, thanks so much! this is unexpected (:
gcowart4 years ago
Gotta have one, what a great Halloween treat!
SIRJAMES094 years ago
Dear Ma'am/Sirs:
Yes I would like to have one...don't know what I did to deserve one, but TY all.
You all are the greatest!!!!

I love this place!!!
so excited to get one! :D
D00M994 years ago
Wow! I feel so great to be getting one! Thanks Instructables for such thoughtful cards! :D
colorex4 years ago
Can I get a non-haloween postrad instead? Like just a white card with the robot on it?
fixitguy4 years ago
Yest to Halloween post card
katerlyn4 years ago
I'm sorry i missed the deadline. First time in 10 years, someone commented on my INSTRUCTABLES tshirt at the volleyball league local ymca....

a lady said, that tshirt is so cute what does it mean?

thanks for sending me the prize two tshirts!!!! i love them!
kazmataz (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for your comments, everyone! We'll be sending out your postcards soon
y not postcards are awesome
Freona4 years ago
Say yes to a Halloween postcard!
kfranz24 years ago
Halloween postcard pleeeeease :)
heckyeshomo4 years ago
do it to it, brother.
rterrier4 years ago
uteatlarge4 years ago
I def need one. thank you kindly and have a fabulous HALLOWEEN!
pie R []ed4 years ago
Yes please!
Me! Me! Don't forget me!
Thank you! :)
jen77144 years ago
Oooh yes please :)
kyriaap4 years ago
Yup, i'd definately like to get a postcard from you guys! :)
scooper64 years ago
That'd be cool! Thank you.
snolan-14 years ago
Yes, please!
ddis0074 years ago
(>•_•)> Please!
grave4 years ago
ooh! i'd like one, please! :)
ravencrum4 years ago
yes please!
GinsuGuru4 years ago
My daughter and I love instructables and would
love a postcard .
Xellers4 years ago
I would like a postcard.
JosiesWorld4 years ago
i would love one <3
talk2bruce4 years ago
I'd like one! Thanks!
apfeffer4 years ago
Yes, please! :D
l8nite4 years ago
heck yea I want one !
edsobo4 years ago
I'd love a postcard!
chambrey4 years ago
yes please!
I'll take one. :)
eross-14 years ago
Give me one! cute!
Izzy6694 years ago
Since HELL-o-Ween is my favourite holiday in the year (that's why I leave my sides shaved so I can make an oldschool-vampire-mohawk each year on that day :-) and since I love sending and getting postcards - I'm looking forward to get one from you :-) Have a great Halloween and keep on rocking!
merrittgade4 years ago
I would love a Halloween postcard. Thank you!
instruct1on4 years ago
gimme gimme
ppereira34 years ago
I want one.
lowercase4 years ago
Over here! please.
BillMil4 years ago
It would be totally awesome of you to send me a card. Please and thank you.

Neon Panda4 years ago
I would love one :3
I hope everyone has a great Halloween.
eevensen4 years ago
It would be "boo!tifull" if you sent me a card,Thanks
I wantttt oneeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please send me one too! Thank you!
RQ4 years ago
Yeah! Halloween Postcards WOOT
lkerrihard4 years ago
Yes please
Solskinner4 years ago
Yes, I'd like one too. Add me to your list.
twoody14 years ago
Please, please, please.