Instructables Halloween Postcards 2012

Trick or treat!

We love celebrating Halloween here at Instructables and the season is fast upon us. We always send out post cards to mark our favorite holiday, and we're doing it again this year! 

If you'd like to receive a postcard, please leave a comment here by Monday October 15th, and we'll send you an address request through our normal prize claiming system.

Happy Halloween!

Picture of Instructables Halloween Postcards 2012
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i like getting good mail! and by good mail i mean not bills lol
could i please have one
cgeer32 years ago
i want on
Moem cgeer32 years ago
Then go and post in the thread for this year. This one is for last year.
Jacky P2 years ago
Please send
I totally want one, any way I could get one for friend who doesn't have account?
Felinho2 years ago
I need one of these! Keep making this site
doo da do2 years ago
Trick or Treat, and keep your smile on ! !
Etho2 years ago
It would be nice to get something in the mail...
quadbp2 years ago
Love "snail" mail. Finally something to get besides bills & advertisements.
britor2 years ago
31 de outubro é Dia do Saci, huahuahua,
dihabibi2 years ago
Hi there;

May I have a postcard too?

Thanks muchly..........
I would like a Halloween postcard, please.
What He said.
dkarjalahti2 years ago
gdross2 years ago
Looking forward to Instructables to provide the best Halloween costume ideas ever!
Kasm2793 years ago
I never received mine, oh well...
I would love a postcard too.

I just got it!!!
A "Happy Halloween" postcard with the Instructables' Vampire Robot and 2 stickers.

Thank you Instructables
kondzio293 years ago
Received one today :) thank you for the stickers :D I love them
Moem3 years ago
Received mine over in the Low Lands. Thank you very much. It's neat!
I got one and I didn't comment. Anyone know why? It was a nice surprise and i really like the bright orange envelope.
Just got mine today, I love it. It's even personally signed. Thanks instructables!
Mine arrived this morning, the card has now taken it's place on my workshop cupboard door with the rest of the collection.
Thanks guys :-)
rrkrose3 years ago
Has anybody gotten theirs yet? It says that these are being sent out through the normal prize system and that usually includes sending out a confirmation e-mail (which I haven't received yet) so I'm assuming that mine hasn't even been sent. I was kind of hoping it would come by Halloween...
It's November 2ent and I haven't got mine yet
Update: it's November 3rd and i just received it. Thanks Instructables!
November 4th and I still haven't received mine T.T
Thanx :)
yahooti123 years ago
I commented before October 15th and I still haven't gotten an address request for the postcard. Anyone else having this issue? I can still my original comment; so it did post.
It looks like you (and several others) commented on the 2011 postcard page.

I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that requests MUST be on the correct page for the current year (2012) in order to get a postcard. Staff members wouldn't have time to check old pages; but another member tried to let you know and left you a reply...

Since its now 2 days before Halloween, I would imagine all postcards were sent. You can try contacting kazmataz by PM and see if they are willing to send you one late (if they still have any available).
They might have been sent, but at least one hasn't arrived yet ...

Well then I'm not the only one... I haven't gotten mine either. :-(
Same here, I'm hoping for a few nice things to arrive in the morning so fingers crossed my card is one of them :-)
Thanks! I've been checking my messages waiting and couldn't figure out what was going on. I must have had the 2 postcard pages in different tabs and commented on the wrong one (or something like that).
Well, like I said, you could try sending a PM to kazmataz... It doesn't hurt to try (especially if you ask nicely and explain the mistake. If they have more, they might send you one anyways).
TheCritic3 years ago
Nelyan3 years ago
The notice to fill out my address came to me for the third time now, why? I filled it out twice or thrice now, hope even one of them came through!
Nelyan Nelyan3 years ago
And now for the fourth time?
Same here. Strange.
fretwire843 years ago
That would be awesome. :) Thanks in advance.
brucesallen3 years ago
jennmark3 years ago
Yes Please!
karlpinturr3 years ago
And thank you again... I've just had TWO MORE offers practically together - seems I might get FIVE in all...
Site was down last night. So I hope I can still get a postcard! Thanks!!!
mark-mark3 years ago
Send one of them cards my way, please! Sorry for being late this year.
ddreher3 years ago
Yes Please!
I would love one! I hope you can give a 1 day extension for this...
pidogz3 years ago
Yes please
dylanp19363 years ago
Yes please!
anti-joy3 years ago
yes Yes YES!
i collect pcards, so to get one from my fave DIY site on my fave holiday sounds like all awesomeness to me! :))
plz & tyvm!
karlpinturr3 years ago
Thank you once again - from never knowing about this, I've now had THREE 'offers'!!
amit_sci3 years ago
Beam me up, Scotty
slucchesini3 years ago
I would like a postcard, thanks!
For Sure, it would make my day! :)
I want a postcard! I love you instructables!
BabyBuns3 years ago
I would love a postcard, please. Thanks! :)
I too would like a postcard of the instructabot!!
nat.andrews3 years ago
Hey its the 16th here, but thanks to different time zones - YES PLEASE!!
ihwild3 years ago
I can't think of a reason not too. It would be nice.
I'd love one! :D
Blechmen3 years ago
Me please
liera213 years ago
Me too, thanks!
mrguy191873 years ago
Hot Dang!
EricRaines3 years ago
Yes please! Better than candy.
terriczm3 years ago
Sure! Thanks !
Pabswil773 years ago
Send one of them cards my way, please!
sctirvn6873 years ago
Send me one please. Thanks!
QuoteRadar3 years ago
Count me in :)
scotth613 years ago
I want one! Thanks! :-)
manunkey3 years ago
Yes please ;)
That'd be awesome!
sarahfish3 years ago
Me please!
deboski3 years ago
Sure send me one. Please :)
Jorie3 years ago
I'd love to get a card!
jbulot3 years ago
Cool - my favorite website by far!
acitrus3 years ago
I'd love to have one!
5150tech3 years ago
Very cool , i'm in
JenniferLZ3 years ago
I'd like on to!
deblon3 years ago
i'd love a postcard! thanks in advance
The ed3 years ago
I'd like to get a postcard from Instructables
wlgough3 years ago
Yes, please!
ajdi1233 years ago
I would love to get a postcard please please please!
Avalai3 years ago
Yes! I'm not missing out this year!
Bring it on.
Oooh, yes please! \(^o^)/
Qtechknow3 years ago
I would love a postcard from Instructables.
litlgurl3 years ago
I absolutely love your posts and especially your contests.

gamergrl223 years ago
I'd like one please! :D
Twetwe3 years ago
Hi I would like one thanks
flintbone3 years ago
I would like to get one. Thanks.
urbanpirate3 years ago
Postcard? Me likes postcards.
Brockley3 years ago
I would like a postcard :D
fmajid3 years ago
yes, please.
jackdo3 years ago
May I have the lovely card? please~~~