Instructables Halloween Postcards 2013

Thanks to everyone who commented! We're officially not taking any more names, and here are the winners of our special Halloween Prize Pack:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Trick or treat!

We love celebrating Halloween here at Instructables and are already starting to prep our own costumes. Every year we send out postcards to all of you to mark our favorite holiday, and we're doing it again this year! 

If you'd like to receive a postcard, please leave a comment here by Friday October 11th, and we'll send you an address request through our normal prize claiming system. We're also sending a special prize pack with a limited-edition teeshirt and book to 10 randomly-selected people from the comments below. 

Happy Halloween, and we're looking forward to seeing all of your creations!

Picture of Instructables Halloween Postcards 2013
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mercuryxixi10 months ago
Wow, the pictures is very cute, and is funny.
The topic you choose is really unique!
makingfriends10 months ago
thanks for the postcard and stickers! I recently moved, and fortunately it was forwarded to me. I would like to make sure that I get any future postcards--how can I change my mailing address with you?
Addresses are not kept on file. You will have to give your address every time something is mailed to you. :-)
i got two this year, one from my current address and one forwarded from two address ago.
Hmmm.... That's a little strange. AFAIK, they don't keep addresses. Not sure what to say. (You could pm Kazamataz).
We don't keep addresses. It's a nightmare to maintain, and people move all time.
kazmataz (author)  mikeasaurus10 months ago
Au contraire - I am the holder of the massive spreadsheet of addresses for these postcards. We do our best to update, but can only go off of the information you give us. And to thematthatter's point, unless the move is an obvious one, we usually hedge our bets and mail letters to both addresses... just in case there's someone with the same name in a different place.
Kiteman kazmataz10 months ago
Oh? I thought you deleted them every year?
jcsevero10 months ago
a shame I would have won, but let's see next yearuma
"pena gostaria de ter ganho, mas vejamos o ano que vem"
lindarose9210 months ago
I received it yesterday! I was starting to think that mine got lost so it was a bigger surprise for me...thank you Instructables Team!! :)
Received it last week, exactly at halloween! Best timing ever :)
Kiteman10 months ago
My card arrived today (good old Royal Mail!) - thanks fof the extra messages, folks!
pranjal1210 months ago
Till when shall i expect my postcard ?? I have already given my address..
Nostalgic Guy10 months ago
Arrived a couple of days ago.
Many thanks folks ;-)
Hack42Moem10 months ago
My card made it to the Netherlands, thank you very much!
mununa10 months ago
Postcard has arrived to Hungary! Thank you Instructables!!!
elljay.q10 months ago
Hello there Instructables Team,
Thank you SO much for the Post Card and Stickers. This little gesture sure makes a person feel good! You Rock! Cheers.
Nelyan11 months ago
Oooh nooo! I missed the halloween postcard this year!! :< My bad for not being active lately on here. Now I've got to step up and post some 'ibles again!
iceng11 months ago
Thanks for the Halloween postcard Eric.
You give me a deep warm mental feeling
like I belong with this most excellent super group over the world.

myrrhmaid11 months ago
I got my postcard today! Hand signed by Erik! I'm feeling really special here! THANK YOU!!!! OXOOXOXO
carla manning11 months ago
Thank you for the "silouettes of zombies". My halloween party just got a little more interesting.
carla manning11 months ago
Thank you for the "silouettes of zombies". My halloween party just got a little more interesting.
mg0930mg11 months ago
First one I missed in the years I've been here. Having two jobs, school and no free time sucks.
tgpledger11 months ago
Sorry, I always use the app.. My daughters would love to get some mail...
vptony11 months ago
i want but im too late :(
tvelazqu11 months ago
I've never received in my halloween postcards, would love to see and share among my fellow halloween folks!
tvelazqu11 months ago
I've never received in my halloween postcards, would love to see and share among my fellow halloween folks!
tvelazqu11 months ago
I've never received in my halloween postcards, would love to see and share among my fellow halloween folks!
Gueritala1011 months ago
Any chance I made it by the deadline?
astral_mage11 months ago
wow i signed this frebee thingy at 11:23pm . so thier are at calf some where
astral_mage11 months ago
umm free biesi want
seawee6511 months ago
Wow! I didn't know they had this stuff!
Shows that browsing instructables does pay off!
turkeydance11 months ago
yes. plz.
:would like a post card: check
leave a comment: check
by Friday Oct 11th: check

Easiest contest ever!
purplestone811 months ago
my 6 yrs old would love to get a post card as well the prize t-shirt/ book collection. He just got this website today in school from his teacher and could not stop talking about it. Per him I just had to sign up.So can you guys please make this Halloween extra special for a very lovely and smart little boy.. Thanks..
nof-z11 months ago
can you guys please send me one? i never got one last year.
Hi We would love to get some snail mail please. It is going to be my 34th wedding anniversary On October 31. Sure would be nice to get a postcard on our special day.
ashuavr11 months ago
I am already going to receive a Halloween postcard, because I think my work/contribution to (I reported a couple of bugs) was considered maybe... But, I would really like to get the special prize pack with T-shirt and book that you are giving to randomly-selected people from the comments here, so, I am commenting here...!!!

Thank you very much for the postcard, and for the special prizes that you are giving to the randomly-selected people here!! And, A very Happy festival to all of you at and to others here, also!!!
bama_gurl039411 months ago
me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
mommyholland11 months ago
We love snailmail!
ned9811 months ago
Wohoo! Halloween!
It would be so nice to receive something that reminds me of Instrucyables everyday...
Ian Scheele11 months ago
Yay Halloween time! I spend all year waiting for October. I would love to receive a postcard. I've been on instructables since Halloween of 2008. Hope I win.
spunnybunny11 months ago
I INSTRUCTABLES you to send me a postcard!!! or i will BOO-hoo! tarajean
muffinman90011 months ago
could i please have one if it is not to late
thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh and happy halloween!!!
x2legsx11 months ago
karrmomma11 months ago
Please and Happy Halloween!
Ooh, me me me (please) :)
Pancho_11 months ago
Ooh,that's scary send postcard please
Grunambulax11 months ago
I want me a postcard!
I would like a postcard, please! Thank you!!! Happy Halloween, everybody!
Seneca_Flyboy11 months ago
May I please have a Postcard?
jerjod11 months ago
Thanks in advance for the postcard!
brandieclaire11 months ago
This is my first year in using the great idea's on your site. I love it and can not get enough of it!!! Thanks for everything!!
abdullahsadiq711 months ago
I also want a card
abdullahsadiq711 months ago
I also want a card
emattingly11 months ago
add me, too, please!!
perfectionist11 months ago
YAY! I finally made the deadline this year! First year for a postcard :) Happy Halloween to all!
rstewart811 months ago
Love to receive a postcard.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween.
kde leon311 months ago
me me me!!!
photowall11 months ago
Sounds cool, yes please!
TomPaul6411 months ago
A postcard from Instructables would be great for Halloween
fireontheriver11 months ago
Postcard please!
aikiaterine11 months ago
ooooh! me, me! pick me!
TahRobin11 months ago
I'd like to recieve an postcard, Please.
I love mail :D
Me want instructables card mail, postcard please.
onlyjude11 months ago
My grandson would love to get a postcard from you. I LOVE instructables!
ZainyBella11 months ago
I LOVE instructables! happy halloween
mats-notes11 months ago
I LOVE MAIL, please send me a post card!
babybird1888211 months ago
yes please
stoeff11 months ago
Yes, please!
Deslivres11 months ago
Just in case I'm not on the list anymore ;) Happy Halloween everyone !
Hydra Props11 months ago
can i have one please

also thanks for creating this awesome site :)
crespoccrespo11 months ago
Love this site!!
txgiggle11 months ago
Love this site!!
thorsgal11 months ago
Love seeing all the neat ideas! Would love to get some snail mail, too! =)
NeuroChique11 months ago
Ooh, that would be awesome, thank you!
Cezsaria11 months ago
Boo! Yes please :)
suigenic11 months ago
I'd love to get snail mail!
nogoodnikki11 months ago
Yes I would love some mail that is not bills
I'd love one
Kozz11 months ago
Yes, please!
matthewsolc6611 months ago
Yah, I'd love one!
jfite11 months ago
hooray instructables!
fcherrylynn11 months ago
Would love a postcard
Kaliii11 months ago
This would be awesome! :)
DTOM_Bear11 months ago
DCA11 months ago
Shure i'd lyke a poestkard. Nand a tea short!
meelee11 months ago
Would love a postcard!
ST-Geotronics11 months ago
Sure. This sounds fun. It would be cool to also get the t-shirt...
Sounds fun! can't wait to receive a postcard from instructables :)
Postcard me!
coliver1911 months ago
im in sign me up
nitaharley11 months ago
Love your Instructables!
fishyfishboo11 months ago
I would love a postcard please! Thank you!
griffin9119311 months ago
Sign me up!
sassabilly11 months ago
Sounds cool, sign me up too! :)
santy2211 months ago
Sign me up! Snail mail rocks, and so do you guys.
FossaFossana11 months ago
Oh boy, Halloween. Makes me wish I were a kid again.
HeidiSN11 months ago
I love Instructo-ween!
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