Instructables Halloween Postcards

Some people send Christmas greeting cards.  Since Halloween is our favorite holiday, we decided to send Halloween greeting cards.  About 1100 of them. 

Check out the pictures of signing, stuffing, applying postage, and mailing them.

We sent them to top authors by number of Instructables, by pageviews, top commentors, people who have previously won contests, and others.  Since we did all this by hand (and had a couple of snafus along the way!), if you didn't get one, that doesn't mean you're not awesome; it means we screwed up and forgot to ask for your address.  But, we'd still like to send you one!  So, if you'd like a Halloween card, and you haven't already entered your address, leave a comment here by Friday October 23 and I'll send you the link to submit your information.  If you have entered your address but haven't received your card, it's probably still on its way.

Happy Halloween!

This is the forum topic for Halloween 2009.  If you'd like a card for 2010, please see here: 2010 Halloween Postcards.

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elljay.q4 years ago
OOPS! I put my comment in the wrong place. :O
elljay.q4 years ago
Hello there Inctructables Team,
Thank you SO much for the Halloween Post Card and Stickers. This little gesture sure makes a person feel good! You ROCK! Cheers.
patrickvaz6 years ago
Iam happy that Instructables team are thoughtful, Acknowledge our effort and have not forgotten us, Thankyou for remembering us, though I still have not received the post card, iam happy just hearing from instructables!!
I recieved an email that said I was getting one! I feel like I've finally accomplished something. What are the cards like?
Win Guy6 years ago
Aw man! I checked my Instructables page on October 22nd! I'm so sad :'(
Ah well. It happens.
Win Guy
Kryptonite7 years ago
Thank you Instructables team! Loe it, it's sitting next to last year's.
Dipankar7 years ago
Good thought, Thank you..............................
bhvm Dipankar7 years ago
SO have you recieved your card yet?
when will it come? Christmas?

I'm so eager to have it!
And wish you a very happy diwali
Dipankar bhvm7 years ago
Yes I have received my card............
I am also waiting for Christmas...........
bhvm Dipankar7 years ago
You Got already?
I have'nt! Where should I contact for further tracing?
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