Instructables Holiday Trampolining Party

For our holiday party, Instructables and a few members of Potenco went trampolining at Sky High Sports. Sky High is essentially a couple of basketball-court-sized areas filled with trampolines. You bounce around like crazy, doing flips, playing dodge ball, and generally exhausting yourself. The potential for bodily injury is high, which for me, makes for an excellent holiday party. Afterward, we stuffed ourselves with Indian food.

Today, the day after, everyone is nearly too sore to stand up straight.

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trebuchet039 years ago
So who won? That is, if I send a message to someone and to -- would the mode answer be indeterminable? :p
KentsOkay9 years ago
That does it! Screw Lockheed Martin! Screw aerospace technology! I'm working at Instructables HQ!
Yeah - you guys wouldn't happen to have a need for a computational biologist with a background in EE, would you? :-D

(Only partially kidding...)
If i can get a job there/here LOL :p
westfw9 years ago
I used to have a gymnastic coach who had broken his neck on a trampoline. They fused a couple of vertebrae together and he was "fine." Then he broke his neck again in a car (motorcycle?) accident. They fused a few more vertebrae together. He still did high bar better than I could, but he pretty much couldn't turn his head (side to side) any more. We called him "Rigor Mortis" and entertained ourselves by calling his attention from directly behind him, so he'd have to turn all the way around to see what was up. My memory doesn't seem to have retained his real name :-( Looks like fun, though. Is the prominent "no flips" sign supposed to mean on the tramps themselves, or just into the foam pit? The last time I watched olympic trampoline competition, it looked like there were a lot fewer tricks where you don't land on your feet, which were the dangerous ones (aside from launching yourself sideways off the tramp and onto the floor, other equipment, etc...) Another coach asked his young teen (pre-teen?) girl class for possible bumper-stickers slogans to sell. After some discussion on what made humor salable, they came up with "Support Gymnastics: Jump on a Tramp!" Ramble. uphill both ways. Etc.
ewilhelm (author)  westfw9 years ago
The no flips signs was for the foam pit. I was trying to do some sweet back flips to dodge incoming balls during dodgeball, but it was always easier to just step out of the way rather than flip. How have kung-fu movies led me astray!?
Your Kung Fu is weak. My Kung Fu is strong. You cannot defeat the dodgeball with weak Kung Fu!!!
ewilhelm (author) 9 years ago
I just added a few more pictures from Tim.
Patrik9 years ago
Cool - that looks like a lot of fun! I'd heard of this place, but it's nice to see some pictures. Do you have to rent a court, or is it a big free-for-all? And do they make you sign a "we're not liable if you break your neck" waiver? :-D
ewilhelm (author)  Patrik9 years ago
We got extremely lucky in that our group was the only one there. So, we paid the walk-in rate of $9/person-hour but had the entire place to ourselves for an hour.
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