Instructables, I missed you

So, did the downtime result in any updates? Post em if you notice em!

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Brennn1010 years ago
Instructables was down? Didn't notice. I just experienced slower loading times, but just thought it was my modem. Back to normal speed, thanks!
Kiteman Brennn1010 years ago
When was this? I didn't see any downtime?

BTW, is the site getting even less IE friendly? Whe I go on through school, the whole page is vertically stacked, lacks the orange and many of the logos.

When I hit reply, sometimes I get it just scrolling to the top of the page, sometimes I can reply and sometimes nothing happens at all.

I also have trouble seeing the videos, but that may the filters - youtube is frowned upon, so much so that if you hit a link to youtube, or type in, the IE switches off completely.
Weissensteinburg (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Is that always, or just yesterday?
That's always - since there is never a problem from home on Firefox, I've always assumed it was an IE / school filter problem.
Yep, that's what happens for me in IE, and on my PSP.
Or is IE less Instructables friendly?
Labot2001 Kiteman10 years ago
another reason why firefox is better than IE : ]

but as for those filters... as a student, I know a few tricks to get around them. though it depends on how smart you're tech department is (or rather, how smart they think you are), you might be able to get away with using a proxy or viewing a web page through another web page.
Weissensteinburg (author)  Labot200110 years ago
If you type into google, it will show you it's cached picture of that, even if the school blocks that page.
jessyratfink10 years ago
Looks like I missed the chaos. I was at work fighting off creepy old men. :|
Fighting off creepy old men? Is it like my friend who had one guy come in every day that she worked? Or just creepy guys in general?
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