Instructables IRC?

I was just thinking -- maybe instructables should have an IRC channel(s)? It might be an interesting way to chat...

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fwjs288 years ago
it would be better then the meebo chat room in the tech forum....
whatsisface9 years ago
NO WAY I was thinking of this exact thing last night...
:P me too (except it was 5 mins ago)
Goodhart9 years ago
Ok, I have mIRC downloaded....I won't be able to install today....time to get ready for work...but later.....then what ?
zachninme (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Server: irc.freenode.org Channel: #instructables See if you can get it, I dont know my way around mIRC ;-)
Ok, well it will have to be sometime tomorrow, since I am currently at work and they wouldn't want me installing mIRC on the LAN LOL
I think I found it - I saw a list that included "iblesrobot" and "freethinker", but I recognised nothing that looked like a conversation. I'm off now - it's too late to think about new software and I'm off to London tomorrow.
zachninme (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
its therethinker -- and thats me :-)

I was eating dinner... and no one happened to be in it...
Bran zachninme9 years ago
Hmm, I seem to be the only one on. AFK?
Kiteman9 years ago
> Dopey question - what's an "IRC channel"?
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