Instructables Intern Coming To Austin, TX Dec 6th - 9th

Hey everybody!

I (Gregg, Greggawatt Or Frenzy) Will be heading to austin texas the first week of december. Why am i telling all of you this? I want to see your cool projects! if you have a space or another cool thing you are doing that you want to show off to me, please tell me about it!

I'll even take some pictures and do a blog post about the cool stuff i saw. Sound good?

See you then!

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KentsOkay7 years ago
wild dude! you will be right in my hometown. Sadly I shan't be about for the welcoming committee, as I am two thousand miles away at school.

Enjoy the city, get yourself some Amy's Ice Cream.
where are you going to school?
Harvard Extension School, Cambridge MA
You could say that.
what do you mean?
Exactly what I said.
Dr. Pepper7 years ago
omg! where will you be at?
frenzy (author)  Dr. Pepper7 years ago
im going to the hackerspace tuesday night and handing out stickers
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