Instructables Internship - Day 9 (AWESOME DAY!)

Thursday: AWESOME DAY!

Thursday was just AWESOME! So basically, I learned how to use the Laser cutter today, and cut out THE FIRST INSTRUCTABLES BADGE EVER!

(pic after post)

After, I worked with Noah on Project X a whole little bit more, and we got it working, baby!

I'm excited to see this thing go for real! But seriously, I can't tell you what it is, yet...

Today was also the first day that I really got used to COREL draw, which enabled me to make most of the templates for everyone's badges, which I think are all pretty awesome. Everyone's got a customized "logo" and their username on the badge, which makes every Instructables badge original and personalized. Unfortunately, I didn't have time today to etch all of the badges, so that'l just have to wait until tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon, Star asked me if I wanted to go sailing, to which I responded "What?" After I agreed to spontaneously go sailing with her and Tim, she brought me outside, where I learned that we were fixing up Tim's old outrigger canoe that he tried to sail to Cuba in. Tim, Star, and I were all working on the outrigger; lashing a makeshift trampoline on with bike innertubes... actually, most of the frame was held together with bike innertubes, including the rudder. Everyone was skeptical about us actually launching at all, assuming that we wouldn't launch in the dark of the night. Although, lucky for us, we were all "crazy" enough to launch in the dark. We geared up in fleeces, windbreakers, and life vests and hauled the outrigger out by hand (it was on castings), and launched it right next to Squid Labs. At first, Tim sailed us out of "port" (in the lagoon) and out into the Bay. It was spectacular. The moon, the stars, the SF skyline, it was all beautiful. Tim told us of his experiences on the outrigger while he was sailing back from almost Cuba, and proceeded to teach us more about boats in general. He then let Star take over the rudder and sail, while he lay down on the main hull. I was lying down on the makeshift trampoline, an old stretcher, by the way. We watched the stars over our heads, and, at first, the occasional passing of a brown pelican. Eventually, we came pretty close to "pelican island," a protected breeding ground for the brown pelican. Yet, the night was still young. We continued to listen to Tim speak about sailing, occasionally contributing to the conversation as well. It was all fascinating, not only what he told us, but the fact that the source of his knowledge was primarily himself. The other amusing part of the entire moonlit ride was the fact that Tim built the outrigger from essentially scratch, and most of it was lashed together with innertubes. Simply amazing. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to take control of the beautifully made outrigger canoe, and sailed us back from the bay, back into the lagoon, and back onto land. The whole trip was a once in a lifetime experience, although I hope I do get to go on a similar one soon enough. Thank you so much, Tim, for taking me out onto the bay, and thank you so much Star, for asking me if I wanted to go sailing in the first place.

By the way, we got back to Squid at around 10:00, I believe, which was again, pretty late for a workday ;)

I packed up my things and Tim/Star drove me home.

That was pretty much it for that awesome day. Quite possibly the best day in the duration of this entire Internship.


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technick2910 years ago
Whoa, that's sweet. I'd like to see a pic of that outrigger! Haha. Awesome badges, btw.
T3h_Muffinator (author)  technick2910 years ago
As today's my last day... I'LL TAKE A PIC TODAY!
Did you get a pic?
T3h_Muffinator (author)  technick2910 years ago
sigh v_V no, I couldn't find it! It's like it disappeared off the edge of the.... tarmack? anyway, you can find pics of it on Tim's website here

Happy "sailing"
Yay! Have fun, ahah.
I see you didn't put "home" in quotes this time...
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
At that point, it really did feel like home... nice catch, though =)
You should be reading..=]
Brennn1010 years ago
Pretty neat Josh! Those badges are sweet. I want one! It is too bad today is your last day, and I can;t wait to see Project X.....
whatsisface10 years ago
Those badges are great! It would seem you're laser engraving everything.
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