Instructables Member Cards!

Hi, gmjhowe here.

Well i had eaten my sandwich early, and i was kinda bored during my lunch. So i decided to make full use of my work computer producing these lovely 'members card'

I figured that we all love this site, and would be proud to carry a member card around. Also if you print many of these off they can be used as pseudo business cards, great if you want to give somebody a link to all your projects!

I also have now added a generic card, for people to hand out that just has the normal web address on! (thanks skate for the suggestion!)

Now, this is how it works, i have the full artwork files, done in Quark Xpress, anybody is welcome to have these, just PM me.

Anyone else who wants one, just hit a comment below, listing how you want your name, the title you would like under your name, your 'member since' date, and your member page.
Also add the image that you would like.
I will reply with a comment, with a nice pdf file for you to print off and use!

I will then work my way down the comments, first come, first served.

Thanks again,


(ps, ive also included a .pdf file of my member card, so you can see what quality your getting)

(pps, yes i am providing these file for free, it just might take a while to complete)

Picture of Instructables Member Cards!
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Could I have one please? No hurry :)
Name: Super Moderator
Title: Renaissance Man
Member Since: Sep 7, 2008
19975898 years ago
and you should make like a instructables bussiness card that says need help go to make sure you mention me to 1997589.
19975898 years ago
ow and put mac/appel computer lover and video gamer.
19975898 years ago
hey i would love one. name:1997589 member since May 23,2009 /
n8man9 years ago
I would like one n8man sig creator Joined April 27, 2008
n8man n8man9 years ago
Here is my image, if you want to, you can make the white part of the image clear and can remove the black border. I can also give you the origional photoshop (CS3) file if you need it.
bomb pose 2.jpg
n8man n8man9 years ago
Change that to

title: sig creator
Member since April 27, 2008
Want help, Laird howe? I don't have Quark Xpress, but I do have photoshop...
gmjhowe (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
i should be ok but i may ask for help i intend to import the quark to photshop anyways so if i need your help, i will deffo ask
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