Instructables Members at NYC Maker Faire

It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many Instructables luminaries at the 2010 NYC Maker Faire.  I managed to grab these few group images during our Instructables office hours

One of my favorite things about in-person events is hearing how Instructables has positively impacted so many people.  Of the many stories I heard this weekend, the best was from a woman in her mid-thirties who told me of working with her dad to solder together the Electric Umbrella, and how it was the best father-daughter bonding experience of her entire life.  

I'm looking forward to the next time I can meet more of you!

Picture of Instructables Members at NYC Maker Faire
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To bad Maker Fair can't come to Missouri.. =(
Goodhart5 years ago
I've still not come down completely from the high of being at the Faire and meeting you all.....and this is my second day at work :-) (I had to take Mon off to rest up after that drive).
Contact the MAKE personnel....I think they do hold one there once a year, but I am not sure.
We do have a maker faire here, but I want the ibles team to come here.
Ah, I see, well maybe it was inconvenient last time?
Perhaps, but I was just putting in a request. Perhaps they'll decide to visit next time :)
understood.....and I guess we are bumping this until someone sees it ? LOL
That reminds me, I didn't see any caffeine products there
Really? That's odd. I figure that there would be the caffeine body wash somewhere.
I wasn't very attentive I guess....without much money on me or in the bank, I wasn't really looking hard for things to "buy" but I didn't see any of my favorites for sure: Foosh (a mint), Bawls, or Club Matte` (drinks).
I would be soooo excited to meet you guys in person.
kcls5 years ago
Awww... I missed the picture ;*( I had a great time, anyway, though.
Awww...which day were you there? Next time we should have a whiteboard at the booth to check in.
Both days. A white board would definitely be a good idea, though. Well, I got a shirt signed by Egg-Bot, The Diet Coke and Mentos guys, Eric, Randy, the people who put on Arc attack, and a bunch of others, so I'm pretty happy. I guess I'll see you all there next time!
Goodhart kcls5 years ago
Shirts ? Oh man, where did I miss that? I was going to get one for myself and my wife, from SOMEWHERE, but I didn't see any (I must have been in too much of a hurry each time I walked the circuit). *sigh*
kcls Goodhart5 years ago
No, no, I bought a Maker Faire T-Shirt from the Maker Shed tent, and then went around and got it signed by all these different people. Here's a Pic:
Goodhart kcls5 years ago
Darned, I was looking at all the OTHER stuff and missed the shirts....
kcls Goodhart5 years ago
Speaking of shirts, where might I acquire one of those shirts everyone is wearing in the picture?
You have to win those in a contest. It's part of the prize pack with a cloth embroidered Robot patch, official Robot stickers and a 1-year PRO membership. No brand neeeeeeew car, unfortunately.
That's a badass idea, can I borrow it for the next maker faire?
It was pretty busy, crowded and a lot to see. We were there both days and kept moving around. The only thing that wasn't moving was the lines for the food. Caitlin did the catwalk in Lynne Bruning's e-textile fashion show which was pretty cool.  I'm hoping someone puts the video up for it.
A lot of stuff is being posted to Facebook....I'll keep an eye out for that.
Kiteman5 years ago
Hurrah for tripods!
I don't think there were any Daleks there either. The people who took the shots had a steady hand or digital stabilization on.
So no shot has everybody in it?

How many makeshift tripods and monopods are there on this site, yet nobody used one??
I only saw the people with the digital camera on the 30 foot graphite/carbon fiber pole getting some overhead shots. Maybe he got tired carrying it around too. Actually in crowded situations, pickpocket close, having the camera mounted to a monopod or tripod is a disadvantage as you can't maneuver it easily and no one really has a remote trigger/viewfinder for the camera if you decide to hoist it up.
>tries to picture somebody slipping a full-size tripod into their pocket... fails<
Jayefuu5 years ago
Wow awesome. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Will anyone from the USA be making it over for the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle next year? There'll be about 10 of us there, at last count.
CrLz5 years ago
Good photos! It was nice that Instructables had a booth. Made for an nice focal point at the faire.
Goodhart CrLz5 years ago
It would have been nicer if it hadn't been so close to the JET ENGINE RIDE ....man that was loud.
kcls Goodhart5 years ago
I know, that thing was insane!
Goodhart kcls5 years ago
A video of some of us "trying to speak to one another" as that thing would go off and on, would have made a nice entry to America's Funniest Home Videos :-)
So excellent to put faces to names. {{{Porcupinemamma}}}}
Lindie5 years ago
Great photo! Nice seeing you all. .........Linda
Goodhart5 years ago
Oh yeah, I forgot we had a group one taken :-)
caitlinsdad5 years ago
C A I T L I N, like in caitlinsdad. :P
Wow, twice, that makes it special ;-). Maybe you've been spelling your daughter's name wrong all this time.
Umm, lemme check....yeah, I picked up the right one at the hospital.
That's pretty awesome!