Instructables Multilanguage

I have been playing with Google Translator and I made translations of Instructables.


I've done this in Turkish and noticed that these are just gibberish.


I stopped at German from boredom.

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rimar20007 years ago
It would be interesting to have Instructables the possibility that anyone could translate INTO THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE (for which this should be stated in the personal profile) an article that interests them, and this translation be accessible to all users through a public link. I guess that would be a big job by the staff to implement this, but the cost / benefit would be very good.

When I say "anyone could translate..." I mean the user do it "by hand", using or not automatic translator but make sure the result is correct. Everybody knows that the crude result of an automatic translation sometimes is laughable. Even, the meaning is opposite fron the original.

I am not a professional translator, but I could translate (TO SPANISH ONLY, my native languaje) from English, Italian, French and Portuguese. I believe there are many Instructables users as me, that covers many many languajes.
KentsOkay7 years ago
Now that's sweet.... I wonder what cyberpunk is in chinese...
Derin (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
KentsOkay Derin7 years ago
Ridiculous... That's what.
Yea, verily!
Kiteman7 years ago
You've translated Instructables into English...

The "English" link is just directly to I'ble home page. It's appropriate to be there for completeness, as the baseline for the other languages.

Comment not just to you, Kiteman, but to your followers :-)
Maybe he means subscribers?

Nah, followers is better!
Nah...those who followed you in the thread, the repliers to your posting :-)

Even better than followers....how about minions ;->
Even better - peons!
(I think somebody is trying to drop a hint regarding the preferred term...)
(The point is that I'm one of the followers/peons/henchmen/whatever-I'm following you around...)
In that case, the word you're looking for is stalker.

Stalkers: we haz dem.
Mmmmm...better in some ways, 'tis true! Do British peons scatter about the countryside sowing evil and destruction among the cowering populace?
(My comment was a joke, the implication being that the site had been translated into English from American.)
That would be very interesting, if the idioms were picked up. What if you used the translation facility on Google UK...?

...Oh, well. It was worth a try :-(
PKM Kiteman7 years ago
Remember some people write their whole Instructables in Spanish...
Derin (author)  PKM7 years ago
But,but, the English link was not translated!
PKM Derin7 years ago
Huh... when I first read this thread I could had sworn the english link was a "translate to english"... but then I guess you'd need to know the language it is written in, maybe I'm just imagining it. I tried a spanish->english link but it didn't seem to work.
kelseymh7 years ago
Interesting that the translation of the individual I'bles in each column aren't always complete (see the German line, and the top two Featured for today).

Also, who noticed the Popular I'ble from von Pilz Amungus :-)
PKM7 years ago
in UK-Sprachgebrauch, "Kabel" ist dick hoch-Gauge-Draht, die in festen Standorten (z. B. hinter Mauern) zu verdrahten elektrische Steckdosen und ortsfeste Einrichtungen, wo die Verkabelung nicht haben sich zu bewegen,


This is actually pretty cool- I always found learning languages dull because the actual text I was learning didn't engage me at all, which this might help out with. Perhaps with this you can read Instructables in a language you are trying to learn before reading it in English, and see how much you can understand.
skunkbait7 years ago
That's cool!
Derin (author)  skunkbait7 years ago
Thanks.You're cool too!
skunkbait Derin7 years ago
I used to be cool. Now I'm just old.