Instructables Needs Fall Interns!

Instructables needs interns for this Fall in the San Francisco area! We're especially looking for people to help us do community management and build cool projects. See the seedy under-belly of the site! Learn that "scalable community management" isn't just a silly buzz-phrase I made up! Help us make Instructables users happy.

Please send a resume, cover letter, and any other useful information to iwannawork at instructables dot com.

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altomic9 years ago
hey, Instructables and squid labs should go international!!!!!! an office in Australia would complete the plan for global domination. (next the moon!). HHHHMMMMMM, now who in Australia would be a suitable candidate? HHHHHHMMMMM. where do I send my resume?
n8man altomic9 years ago
The UK would be better
Lftndbt n8man9 years ago
Nah ah! AU rules !!
No no, CANADA! That's where it should be;)
n8man Lftndbt9 years ago
The UK has Kiteman and killerjackalope
Lftndbt n8man9 years ago
errrrr...... well... I guess.... you win...
Kiteman Lftndbt9 years ago
Wow, I appear to be a trump card.
i want one is aus too. that would be awesome
Yeah, Australia would be awesome. Seriously, Australia is well known for DIY, getting down and dirty and making it yourself. If you ever make an office, or a division of Ibles/Squid, yeah I'd be sending straight away.
dla888 Noodle938 years ago
AK is known for that too.
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