Instructables Needs Fall Interns!

Instructables needs interns for this Fall in the San Francisco area! We're especially looking for people to help us do community management and build cool projects. See the seedy under-belly of the site! Learn that "scalable community management" isn't just a silly buzz-phrase I made up! Help us make Instructables users happy.

Please send a resume, cover letter, and any other useful information to iwannawork at instructables dot com.

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altomic7 years ago
hey, Instructables and squid labs should go international!!!!!! an office in Australia would complete the plan for global domination. (next the moon!). HHHHMMMMMM, now who in Australia would be a suitable candidate? HHHHHHMMMMM. where do I send my resume?
n8man altomic7 years ago
The UK would be better
Lftndbt n8man7 years ago
Nah ah! AU rules !!
No no, CANADA! That's where it should be;)
n8man Lftndbt7 years ago
The UK has Kiteman and killerjackalope
Lftndbt n8man7 years ago
errrrr...... well... I guess.... you win...
Kiteman Lftndbt7 years ago
Wow, I appear to be a trump card.
i want one is aus too. that would be awesome
Yeah, Australia would be awesome. Seriously, Australia is well known for DIY, getting down and dirty and making it yourself. If you ever make an office, or a division of Ibles/Squid, yeah I'd be sending straight away.
dla888 Noodle936 years ago
AK is known for that too.
How about a Detroit branch office Eric?
Sunbanks7 years ago
I've been thinking about applying for an internship someplace the summer after next. I'd rather intern for ibles than the FBI, since that just involves photocopying and getting people coffee for the most part :P
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Times like this I curse I live in French Polynesia. Oh wait, no I dont. What the hell's Polynesia anyway? Did I just take that from Family Guy? I think so..... I need to go out more...
Warlrosity7 years ago
Do you need an australain?
N1CK4ND07 years ago
Too bad I'm on the opposite coast haha.
Same here.
Bartboy7 years ago
Does Canada count? XD
Darn, would love to, but i live in AZ :(
Same here.
Really, where in AZ?
In Kingman inside of Mojave county. Nice large town.
Tucson, here. lol Else I might apply too.
oh, i live in marana, just outside of tucson
Really? In town, Marana. Or the boonies across the freeway?
Like picture rocks, just west of the desert museum, and south of marana high school
Got a couple of friend from school out your way. Moved out there after their trailer got blown up, and the park wouldn't pay for it.
Oh, that sucks
No one got hurt too bad. Even the people living in the trailer that was ground zero made it out with just a few scrapes. Gas leak, park tried to say wasn't they're responsibility because under a trailer. But the leak wasn't in the house, it was in the ground line under the home. Happened at Four Threes on Flowing Wells, you might have heard.
Oh, no i didn't hear of it
Didn't make as big a fuss about it as one would expect. It was on the news, but that was about it. Don't think the park got in trouble at all, though.
Doctor What7 years ago
Maybe next year. I'd be willing to move from WA to CA. I've been wanting to get out for a while. But then again, it's too hot down in California...
If it helps at all, where I live in SF by the beach its always foggy with a high of 60 degrees. You'll feel right at home (assuming you're used to Seattle weather).
Definately not Seattle weather where I'm at. I prefer Seattle. I live in Yakima. It's either really hot, or really cold.
Hmm any hope of international internships... Probably not... Someday I'll have enough for plane fairs and will intern by day and sleep in bins by night, fighting hobos and the little people for food and money...
You mean the types that live under hills with big hairy feet?
By little people are you belittling Little People? As in midgets..
No they're not actually people, they just resemble them, it's what gave midgets a bad rap for years...
Ahh, I see.. room of chat..
KentsOkay7 years ago
Hmm... You gonna be at Austin Maker Fair? Maybe I'll just run away and return to the HQ with you guys - with or with out parental consent....
i live in houston!...
Derin7 years ago
Argh.All my ****ing living in TR thing,its actually nice but it will be better if .GOV would concentrate on making junkyards you can scavenge from
Send a resume? Nahhhh. And I have school. Wait. When's Fall?
I took a fall once.
What's fall?
today we had 13:18 hours of day light got to be there when have 12 hours of day light after that its fall,or when you open the back door of a C-130 in flight
I'm actually serious. When are the months?
Really? I think between September and November.
n8man7 years ago
How old do you have to be to work at instructables
It says under 18. ;-)
I live in the east bay *grins*
dsman1952767 years ago
i would love to do this, but i have school :-(
bumpus7 years ago
What would the time frame be for a "Fall Intern"
Plasmana7 years ago
Aww... I want to work at Instructables, but I am way over here in UK, surrey... :(