Instructables PSP theme HELP!!!

HELP!!! Im working on an Instructables psp theme but I need Robot pictures that relate to each menu icon i have the one for the games menu (below) but need some for video,music,network.ect.ect...If anyone could help draw/design these let me know.Just private message me. Thanks, Rockerx p.s. who ever wants the theme if it ever gets finished can also P.M me ;)

Picture of Instructables PSP theme HELP!!!
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xACIDITYx8 years ago
I'll make the network one!!! Give me a few minutes...
Rockerx (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
thanks and yes ill send you the theme when its done
Here are all of your images, all in one place... Sorry I took so long to make the second two...
robot with film reel.pngrobot with tv.pngrobot with wrench.pngrobot guitar new.png
Rockerx (author)  killerjackalope8 years ago
thank you i really needed the help and they look great!
Great, I'm glad you like them, if you ever need any help in the future give me a shout, I've usually got a bit of free time...
Rockerx (author) 8 years ago
heres one of my other psp themes its up for download if you want it heres the link
=SMART= Rockerx8 years ago
Labot20018 years ago
Post pics of the ibles theme when you're done!
Rockerx (author)  Labot20018 years ago
will do