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ShadyLogic and I have chatted for a couple of years about doing some sort of podcast, but we could never nail down exactly what we wanted to do. We've finally managed to come up with an idea that excites both of us, and more importantly isn't a podcast we've ever heard someone else do. In addition to this, Instructables is sadly without any sort of official podcast and we'd like to remedy that. With all of this in mind, we thought a podcast all about brainstorming projects would be fun!

Instructables is all about the projects and the people behind those projects. Now while the projects on this site are amazing, We've met a lot of people throughout the years who didn't think they had a good enough idea for an instructable, were unable to push through a builders block (is there a phrase for that, a writers block for makers?), or just had the very basics to an idea that they needed to flesh out with someone. We want to be there for you, and bring those ideas out. Our hope is that this will not only introduce some people to our brainstorming process, but will inform people to different methods and techniques for creating things.

We know there is an Answers section on the website, but the intention of that is for questions that have answers to them. The questions we plan on tackling here don't necessarily have a right answer, and if they did, we probably wouldn't find it.

Wilgubeast was nice enough to present us with a question to practice on, and you can listen to that below and see what you think. This is something Jake and I are planning on doing every week, but we'll need your support to continue.

What we need:
Questions, problems, musings, goals, etc. Anything you'd like to share that you wouldn't mind us talking about in a very public space. We'd like to tackle different issues people might have and see what sense we can make out of them. It can be a project that you're working on, such as how to attach two things together or something you'd only just started thinking about making and want to hear some tactics for moving forward. We'll pick a few questions every week and do our best to hash out any issues that we run into while discussing them. You can post any questions or quandaries in this forum topic for next weeks recording.

We hope you like the idea, as we're very excited to present it to you. Attached you'll find the pilot question for the Instructables Podcast: How Do I?


Update 1:

Well, unfortunately it looks like we spoke to soon. Jake and I really wanted to do this, but it looks like our schedules just won't allow us the time. Between living in different countries, graduate school and full time work, we just weren't able to to line up our schedules. We were hoping we squared this away with our practice rounds, but it seems we weren't quite thorough enough. Neither of us wants to try to do something like this if we can't stick to any kind of schedule, so we thought it would be better to nix it now before it progressed too far.

We apologize if we got anyone's hopes up.


Update 2:

And now it appears I've lied to you. Jake and I put our heads together, remapped out our schedules and we found that we should be able to manage to do this so long as we put the podcast out on Fridays. I hope this works for everyone!

Thank you for bearing with us as we figured this out!

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Tomdf4 years ago
That was entertaining and I totally want to build a bro-bot now.

Here's my question:
How would you go about making a wind powered vehicle for driving around town? Is that legal? Would you have to wait for the wind to change direction before you got home?
StumpChunkman (author)  Tomdf4 years ago
Hmmm...this is going to require some research ^__^
Well don't do so much research that it takes the fun out of it :p

I was thinking snow skis + skateboard wheels + kite = Awesome (or ER visit, one of the two.)
StumpChunkman (author)  Tomdf4 years ago
I was looking really forward to hashing this question out. Sadly it's not going to happen, see the update on the post above for more information. But I did want to let you know what I found out.

Turns out, so long as it's not that big, it should be legal where ever you are. The problem with wind power, is that it doesn't produce enough electricity on it's own (attached to a moving vehicle), to power it.

Now the question gets interesting when you do some digging and change your definition of driving a vehicle. Technically if you don't have to pedal the bike, you might be driving it (though I haven't fully separated the difference between riding a vehicle and driving a vehicle trying to parse this question out). Look up pterosail and whike for cool wind powered bicycles.

There's a cool farmer in China who built a wind powered vehicle (that also has two solar panels on the back, and I think that's the solution. If you supplement the wind power with solar power to charge up the batteries when the fan's not on, it should work pretty well. The super cheat, is to build an electric vehicle, and a wind turbine with an adapter that plugs straight into the car. 100% wind powered...but kind of shady.

Finally, a few of cool links I ran across you might link.

Also, you should look into Theo Jansen's kinetic sculptures and see if you can figure out a way to put a drivers seat in them. If there was ever a way to make a super cool wind powered vehicle, those would be them.

Thank you for the fun questions!
Hey, thank you for looking into it and talking about it, that is sweet!

I hadn't even considered using a turbine to run an electric vehicle, but now that seems far more sane than using a sail and hoping the wind is going your way. In fact, after checking out those links I realize that this idea isn't that silly at all, it seems like it is entirely practical if done correctly. It is insanely windy where I live and that farmer's car would easily generate enough juice to replace a car for day-to-day commutes.

I'm really enjoying these podcasts, btw. You keep making 'em and I'll keep tuning it!
StumpChunkman (author)  Tomdf4 years ago
Change of seems it'll still be moving forward. Find your question after the link.
StumpChunkman (author)  Tomdf4 years ago
hahahahaha...sure...but now I need to find out where that's street legal. because I imagine it has to be legal somewhere!
in the Outback ? ;-)
Kiteman4 years ago
Ah, that's a shame.

Maybe if you got more staff involved, got some sort of rota arranged so that different people did different weeks?
StumpChunkman (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Yeah, that'd be cool.
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