Instructables Robot Contest

Post your drawing or picture of the instructbles robot doing something (ie playing guitar, socccer, dancing, xbox). The pics will be rated and voted on by you. just write whos drawing you like best, and i will count the votes. whoever wins gets to know that they are either a good artist or are good with photoshop! the contest ends march 14th

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Greetings Human artists!
I would like to distribute
a t-shirt of my likeness
to the winner.
Offer complete.
Resume artistic creation.
What could be better than Ed McMahon showing up at your door with the grand prize? The UPS dude to deliver an Instructables T-Shirt. Here is the brat commandeering the shirt... Woot! Now to work on getting an Instructables patch...
Until you started posting drawings, I thought my dad had made a new account...My sister's name is Caitlin, thus making my dad also Caitlin's Dad. I love the cartoons! These need to go in a sidebar on iBles...
I would take the mistaken identity as a compliment. It is cool that you would think your dad would join the fun. I guess he has to grab the CameronSSDad username before someone else...
Actually, he has an account, but all he's done with it so far is spam me. :-) He's never actually admitted that it's him, but I saw it logged on his computer and it's set to his most commonly-used password. Hee hee--yup, I cracked my dad's account!
nerfer192 (author)  Instructables Robot9 years ago
caitlinsdad has won.
Really? Thanks!!! I missed the end but had one more to throw in to stack the deck. I was busy putting together an instructable for the pocket contest. I wish there were more entries. I would love to see more people use the right side of their brain and be creative.
Yay for caitlin's dad!
nerfer192 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
yeah, he pretty much owned this contest
nerfer192 (author)  Instructables Robot9 years ago
thanks robot!
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