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Instructables PSP theme HELP!!! HELP!!! Im working on an Instructables psp theme but I need Robot pictures that relate to each menu icon i have the one for the games menu (below) and the picture icon (thanks Garth Knight) but need some for video,music,network.ect.ect...If anyone could help draw/design these let me know.Just private message me. Thanks, Rockerx p.s. who ever wants the theme if it ever gets finished can also P.M me ;)

Picture of Instructables Robot Drawings
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Robot Lover7 years ago
here ya go...
comodore8 years ago
I have this one, but I downloaded it from the site, it is from a contest i believe...
Keith-Kid8 years ago
Better late than never:
Keithstructables Robot
Rockerx (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
lol nice i almost forgot about the theme... id better get working on it :P
i made this one afew weeks ago for instructopedia, maybe you could use it for the internet one, PM me when you're done!
New Picture (7).bmp
n8man9 years ago
Here's one that I made.
Robot point.jpg
Rockerx (author)  n8man9 years ago
thank you ill make sure to add it. I'm surprised its taking me so long its harder to do than I thought but It will be done eventually
Bartboy9 years ago
I sent you one for the music one It is the robot with headphones like Ipod comercals
Rockerx (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
cool thanks
Bartboy Rockerx9 years ago
did you see it?
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