Instructables Robot Wallpapers !!

Ok so i was a bit bored earlier so i went on photoshop and started making a background/wallpaper and then i thought "Why not make an instructables one!!" So then i came up with these three designs :D

You can download them one by one or you can download a zip file of all three,
I have also put a zip file of the three designs in photoshop format below, this is so you can change it around or resize it or whatever, all i ask is that you keep my watermark in the bottom right and don't claim the work as your own.

Tomorrow i am going away for a week so i will have lots of free time, i will create some more designs and upload them when i get back.

I hope you like the wallpapers
and if you want it would be very helpful if you gave me any improvements or design suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks !! =SMART=

Picture of Instructables Robot Wallpapers !!
Logo Main.jpg
Robot Left With Logo.jpg
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Plasmana9 years ago
That is so cooL!
=SMART= (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
Thanks :P
oboss9 years ago
minimalis n ok i think
=SMART= (author)  oboss9 years ago
Yay, that robot is sexy jkjk
=SMART= (author)  shammallamaman9 years ago
Lol, I like the third one bestI am using it :D
so am I!!!
Oh, cool :D
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