Instructables Robot pictures from my recent trip

I was recently able to go on an outing.
Here are some pictures of my outing.
You can find more of my pictures 

Picture of Instructables Robot pictures from my recent trip
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jessyratfink10 years ago
The instructables users should give you a tour of the country! :D
you have to specify which country you mean because the Us isn't the only one... :|
But it's the only best one!

Grumpy, grumpy. :P I meant US at the time, considering that's where the Robot lives and he didn't specify any other place. :)
Kiteman10 years ago
Eep! That profile shot makes you look like a Blue Meanie
<3 Blue Meanies
90 seconds with Adobe...
Robot blue meanie.jpg
Kiteman Kiteman10 years ago
And another 30 seconds...
Robot blue meanie fez.jpg
Spot the stand in...
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