Instructables Should DO a Classic Car Make-Over Contest

I love cars and I like to learn about cars and their features.

I love classic cars and I think Inscrutable should make a contest where people get to re-do their rust buckets!

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crazypj3 years ago
I would love to restore my 76 Pontiac, (last year before 'Smokey and the Bandit 'square' headlight version), but, it costs a load of time and money so it isn't happening any time soon

Sweet. I love muscle cars.

DIY9393 (author)  crazypj3 years ago
I know how you feel... I love Pontiac!

Thank you so much for the comment.

Merry Christmas!

I'd love to do that, but 1, I don't have a car, 2, It takes forever to fix up a car.

That sounds like a good idea, but don't forget that a restoration on most vehicles will last for a long while, whereas the average Instructable contest lasts for a few months (more or less), such as the case with my own classic, a 1952 Ford sedan.
     Even though the body is in great shape for it's age (and being a car from snow country), and the original flathead V-8 is in good, running condition, it's still going to take me several years for me to get it drivable (lights, new windshield/windows, replace the floor pans, and so on) and still longer for to get it looking new again (chrome, replace the interior, paint, etc)

     However, I think that it would still be a good idea to have a contest, but probably should be more focused on something more specific to a part of a vehicle, such as how to hide a radio in a car that normally doesn't have one (I'm trying to figure that one out myself) or maybe even having some fun with Hot Rodder's customizing (old police spotlights, twin Cherry Bombs, any "Go Fast" parts, even some pin striping or custom painting)
DIY9393 (author)  Junkyard Dawg3 years ago
That is very true. I didn't even think about that.

1952 Ford! Nice! Beautiful car! I envy people like you that have classic cars and fix them up. :) Its a part of our history we should perverse. Besides, classics are just fun.

Fords aren't the same anymore. :(

Thanks so much for the comment!
      Thank you. It is a real good looking car (a lot better than the new stuff I've seen) You are definitely right about history, too. When I was cleaning out the car (which was a restoration-in-progress when I got it) I found (among the parts that came with it) a calender from 1957 (from a Tennessee electric Co-op), and a pamphlet (in the glove box) about the chrome not having some metal (I think nickel?) in it due to the need for it in national defense systems

     In all truth, I happened to get my car in a moment of pure luck, after 5 years of looking for something and chasing down many dead-ends on other vehicles.  It's a long story how I wound up with this car, but I will tell you, if you are looking for something to restore, classic or otherwise, don't give up (like I almost did) There is something out there for everyone, and you could get the classic car of your dreams one day when you are not expecting it.
DIY9393 (author)  Junkyard Dawg3 years ago
Whoa....Lucky! That's amazing!

Thank you for the advice.

Have a very Merry Christmas
There could still be a car-related contest, and you just enter a particular stage of a major project (eg "how to match a discontinued paint" or "how to replace the front bumper of a...")

HQ are looking for contest ideas on this topic:

You should both add your comments there.
DIY9393 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Thanks so much! You have been a lot of help! :D