Instructables Show & Tell- in our town, and yours

Come to the first Instructables Show & Tell near you this March!

Held in the Bay Area (Friday 3/9, 7pm at Instructables HQ), the Boston area (Saturday 3/10, 7pm, hosted by MITERS), Austin (Saturday 3/10 at SXSW, hosted by dorkbot ), NYC (Thursday 3/22, hosted by Etsy, Make, PopSci, and Create Digital Music) , Atlanta (Friday 3/30, 8pm), Savannah (Thursday, 3/22), and Orlando (Friday 3/23, 6pm).
Contact me by private message if you'd like to host an Instructables Show & Tell in your area, and we'll add it to the list. Locations and times will be posted at the bottom of the page. We'll be doing this again, so plan ahead.

The Theory
How to Host an Instructables Show and Tell
Bring your friends & family, drinks or a snack for the table, and something you've made (or are thinking about or working on) to share with the group. You'll meet a diverse group of smart, excited art and technology geeks who want to talk to you about your projects and ideas. Please RSVP so we'll have a decent guess how many people to expect.

Examples: your new LED, LEGO, or K'nex project, a cool screen-printed T-shirt, neat origami, a cool bike mod, home-made kimchee, alternate uses for your ipod, a fire-breathing Godzilla, a neat example of vintage technology, or just a cool idea you'd like to explore with other like-minded people. Anything you'd put up as an Instructable is definitely fair game- bring it by and show it off. Email or message me if you've got specific questions.

Note: NO PowerPoint. You've got 2-4 minutes to talk about your project; words and models are best way to do a quick demo.

7pm Doors open for mingling and snacks. If you've got something to talk about, put your name on the whiteboard. If not, you'd best have brought extra snacks.
~8-9:30 Show & Tell. We run through the list, giving everyone a couple of minutes to talk about their project/idea and answer a few questions. In-depth discussion is saved for later so everyone gets a chance to demo their project; there will be a gong.
~9:30-10:30 Check out what you liked, ask the questions we didn't get to during Show & Tell, talk to the cute nerd you've been eyeing across the room, and help clean out the rest of the snacks.

Now you can join your geographic group!

Bay Area
Instructables, Friday 9 March, 7pm
2175 Monarch St, Alameda, CA directions
RSVP: canida(*at*)

Boston Area
MITERS, Saturday 10 March, 7pm
265 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA directions
Most of the Instructables & Squid Labs founders built things at MITERS when they were in school; it's a neat clubhouse full of people who love to make fun things. They've got an Instructables group to show some of them off. NOTE: Please don't bring beer or wine as this event is on the MIT campus.

dorkbot Saturday, 10 March, 6-8pm
Brush Square Park at 5th and Neches map
(electronic art) Come to a special dorkbot during the SXSW Interactive Festival! We'll have a carnival style presentation of mad science fun spread across stations around the tent. Between scheduled presentations, show off your own project and get 30 seconds on the mike to tell the crowd about your demented electronic pursuits before being unceremoniously buzzed off the stage by 20,000 volts of raw power! Enormously raw POWER! Brush Square Park is adjacent to the Austin Convention Center, host of SXSW.
Mandatory RSVP here or email

New York
Etsy Labs Thursday, 22 March, 7pm
325 Gold St., 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY map
Hosted by Etsy, MAKE, PopSci, & Create Digital Music

Taco Mac Perimeter Friday, 30 March 8pm
1211 Ashford Crossing, Atlanta, GA map
RSVP: PM irollmyown or email jenny (*at*)

Panera Friday, 23 March 6pm
11472 University Blvd., Orlando, FL map
RSVP: PM trebuchet03 or or send him email

Thursday, 22 March, 6:30pm
Cafe at Books-A-Million, 8108 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA map
RSVP: PM royalestel

Your City Here?
Volunteer to host now! Libraries, schools, and other community venues will often let you reserve space. Just send me a personal message or an email and we'll coordinate.

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carbon10 years ago
I wonder if it would actually be worth holding in my would I know if I was the only one around here? That sounds like an interesting project, actually. A big map where people can log where they live, and then others in their area can hook up with them. It almost seems to me like everyone on Instructables is from San Francisco :P
carbon carbon10 years ago
I get excited every time someone says "Bay Area," because I live in Maryland, which has the biggest bay in the United States, and I believe that the Chesapeake should be "The Bay." :)
Goodhart carbon10 years ago
I've been there many times in my youth....I agree ;-)
Goodhart10 years ago
Apparently I live in the horse's rear-end of the country. The closest to me is Philly, and that is over a 3 hour drive (to put it in perspective for us poor persons; that is a round trip costing me a minimum of $250+ in gasoline alone *sigh* Back 10 years or so ago, when I found a few "electronics hobbyists" in my area, they purposely "disappeared" (one answered an ad I had placed in Nuts n Volts, that lived just a few blocks from me, and when i mentioned that, he stopped answering letters *sigh*). The closest thing I have come across in my area is an old Co-Co club *whoopee*
trebuchet0310 years ago
Anyone in the Orlando area interested? That is the start of spring break for the UCF'ans - but if there's an interest, I'm down :) I've got some ideas/prototypes that need some brain juice that I can't afford to squeeze by myself at the moment :P
canida (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
Did you just volunteer to host?!? Send me a PM or email if you've got questions.
If there's local interest... Even if it's one or two people... we can meet up somewhere for a quick dinner. I'm love meeting new people - similar interests are a plus :) If there's more than a few people... perhaps we could crash somewhere on the UCF campus. If you want, you can put Orlando on the list as a tentative event - location etc. TBA.
I don't like meeting new people, add that to my social retardation and my crippling personality disorder and all i can say is, I'm in. Mind you I'm clean outta projects right now.
No worries... What I have is nothing special :) A bunch of scribbles in a book and a pocket with $3 in it (but needed for food)... haha.
If you guys want to have another one...i'd be more than up for it
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