Instructables Statistics

Monthly Traffic
People 4.3M (US 2.7M)
Page Views 45.6M (US 27.1M)

US Demographics
55% Male, 45% Female
82% Caucasian

"This site attracts a less affluent audience."

"There is a high index of College Graduates here."

Audience Also Searches For
"how to make moonshin"
"how to kiss"
"mouse trap car"
"how to make a still"
"origami rose"
"potato gun"
"how to draw graffiti"
"how to make a bomb"
"how to make a bow"
"how to make wine"
"how to solve a rubix"

All this and more statistics here.

By catergory Global People Global People %

tech      1,490,650	32.90%craft        960,306	21.20%offbeat     604,246	13.30%index       476,859	10.50%life 	     444,854	9.80%home       440,639	9.70%green       420,722	9.30%art 	       409,729	9.00%food       386,673	8.50%games      324,747	7.20%science 	269,921	6.00%ride           255,199	5.60%outdoors 	234,394	5.20%music 	139,924	3.10%kids  	108,103	2.40%photography 	106,470	2.40%pets  	87,112	1.90%sports 	68,147	1.50%knex 	45,614	1.00%holiday 	25	<1%

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ewilhelm8 years ago
We've even set it up so you can see demographic information within the various channels. For example:
lemonie (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
Thanks for the extra detail - for such a lot of traffic I do find the stat's interesting.

How much weight do you give to Audience Also Searches For?
E.g. I saw another "How to get on Facebook at school" today, and thought that must be something a lot of people want to do if not search for?

We don't have any control over audience also searches for.
lemonie (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
I meant "do you pay a lot of attention to those stats with respect to what they say about your audience?" Or "would you look at that area and think - perhaps we need more potato guns and origami roses?" L
I don't look at those stats very often. However, when I do, I wonder how to get "how to get a bomb" off of them. A search on google of the form "how to make a bomb" yields bath bombs as the first real hit.
lemonie (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
Thanks, that's the sort of answer I was aiming for. L
whatsisface8 years ago
I see it, this should bump it.
Bump 2
kelseymh bumpus8 years ago
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