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Hi, i was wondering what happened to the Instructables Store link. i would like to see whats new there, and cant find the link. any help is greatly appreciated.

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Unavailable Shop

If you're the store owner please Log in to your admin to resolve the issue. (request_id: b4a5ebbf-9ce5-4901-8fd6-0b50ac3fcf37)

Any ideas??

Jayefuu4 years ago
This is the link:

As to why it's missing from the title bar, I'll ask someone in the know to come and let you know.

Moem Jayefuu4 years ago
Thank you! I never knew there was a shop. But is it true that it doesn't ship internationally?
Only to Canada. Tax issues for us prevent anything else.
Aww :-(
Those T-shirts look utterly desirable.
Goodhart Moem4 years ago
You "could" get someone to buy one for you (someone you know pretty well) and then ship it to you.
Moem Goodhart4 years ago
If I knew anyone in Canada. Which I don't.
ChrysN Moem4 years ago
You can win one, the robot t-shirt is part of the prize pack (assuming that contests entries are accepted from your country.)
Moem ChrysN4 years ago
I know! I've been trying. :-)
Goodhart Moem4 years ago
Time to make new friends LOL
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