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plomoxo6 years ago
try this out.

Flaunt your own style
ostomesto6 years ago
I wanna buy a shirt for the Detroit maker faire so I can represent instructables. But the store isnt working. Help?
It looks like the store might have been defunct for a while. Try to PM fungus amungus, randofo, or scoochmaroo directly to ask. Hit em up for some stickers while you are at it.
So should I just ask for some stickers and a shirt?
I thought they might have sold them at the SF Maker Faire, you would have to see if they sell the shirts.
craftyv6 years ago
Great T . Can't afford postage, I am in Australia you know. Very good work. Well done.
This Is beast, YO Fam innit I iz da new English BadMan round Get me Cuz
trendsummer6 years ago
A true Instructabler would build a T-Shirt press, make one of these, and then send money to Instructables anyway. :-P
maxplayo6 years ago
This is good~but i just can't decide what i want!
Biggsy6 years ago
I don't know if it's just me being dense, but, well the UK site doesn't seem to work? Just me...?
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