Instructables Summer Camp! (Europe)

So maybe this is an insane idea, but since quite a while now i thought it would be super fun to organize some kind of instructables "summer camp", a week or so somewhere beautiful (maybe with a lake or the sea nearby) with lots of space and lots of materials where one could meet fellow instructablees, hang out, make something nice together and just generally have a good time.
as people come from so many parts of the world, and not everybody is made of money and can travel long-distance i know that no matter where such a camp would take place there will always people who can't join.
but since the age of the easy-jet-set has made almost all of europe reachable from most places whithin europe (and i happen to live in europe...) i wondered if there would be any other european instructablees who think this is a great idea, too.

i'm aware that, to organize it properly some time and work will be needed and it might not even happen this year, but if it would happen next year, it would still be awesome.

so what do think? would you like that, too? would you be interested in helping to organize it? tell me! i would be very happy to hear from you!

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sursula (author) 3 years ago


for me it really wouldn't have to be the biggest project in the world: just find a space wher people could sleep and do something nice. in germany there are many houses that can be rented by groups for a reasonable price like 10 euros a night or so, i guess this also would work in another country...

Kiteman sursula3 years ago

So, rent a house with a big shed?

Or put a marquee up in thegarde

_Pirated_3 years ago

What a great idea... I'm new to instructables but keen to get started and make friends and if it didn't cost the earth I'd do this!!

geelblokje3 years ago

Great idea! Maybe not completely the same, but there is also this:

hunter9993 years ago

Very cool idea, I love it!

PKM3 years ago

I love this idea!

Getting something this scale off the ground will probably take a lot of work, but you might be able to kick start the process by using one of the existing "maker festivals". There's an event called EMF (electro-magnetic field, har har) in the UK which is a maker/hacker festival, described as like a mini Burning Man without the drugs. I can't believe Germany doesn't have a similar event. Why not pick one of these and set up an Instructables tent there? It would be a meeting place for 'iblers where someone else has done the legal groundwork and sorted out facilities, and you could introduce the festival attendees to the site if they don't know of it already.

sursula (author)  PKM3 years ago

the EMF sounds great, now that i heard about it, i might even consider going! thank you for that tip.

i am not sure though, if something like this exists in germany as well.

Kiteman sursula3 years ago
sursula (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

yes, i know that maker fairs exist in germany, but that is totally not what i have i mind. it takes place in a big trade-fair building and it's more people showing what the make - the emf sounds different, a self-organized camp where people live and make things together.

PKM sursula3 years ago

Well, why not contact the organisers of EMF and find out how they went about getting it started? They will no doubt have some useful insight into the process, and might know people already wanting to set up a similar event in continental Europe. It's got to be worth a try...

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