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"These shirts are hand-made art silkscreened in Northern California on high-quality American Apparel t-shirts." how about an instructable on how these t-shirts are made? I'd love to learn how to screen print shirts that look as professional. btw - what's with the search function on this site? it doesn't exactly...function... very well, does it?

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oops. The pdf is actually here.
Try this tutorial I made before I found instructables. Its a pdf, so I can't post it as an instructable, but you should check it out anyway. It covers real high quality but inexpensive screen printing. Check it here.
I've been using these methods for about 4 years and you can see some shirts and posters I've printed with friends here.
canida10 years ago
We'd like to put one up specifically about the shirts, but our printer works in his rather tighly-packed basement. I'll see what we can do...
CameronSS10 years ago
theagent (author)  CameronSS10 years ago
I wasn't saying I was unable to find any silk screening instructables. merely that i'd like to see one that shows how to make something with the quality of the robot shirts. and with a btw commenting on how the search function doesn't work very well. when I've searched for other things, I come up with all sorts of random non related links. constantly.
"I'd love to learn how to screen print shirts that look as professional." I thought these looked professional, but I guess not. The robot shirts use the same type of process, albeit with better ink. I'm looking right at my Robot shirt, and there aren't any gradients. I would assume that multiple colors are done using multiple masks.
Danny10 years ago
well you could use the search filter instead =D

this is what i found
theagent (author)  Danny10 years ago
ahh, still learning my way around this site. That's a very cool screening approach you found, but I'd like to print something similar to the robot shirt, with multi colors...and it looks like it may have shadows. so gradations .
Danny theagent10 years ago
ok well hope i helped
billy B10 years ago
I can tell you if there aren't any on here already, You-tube has some pretty good DIYs on screen printing. (this is coming from a screen printer myself so i know)
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