Instructables TV Pilot

Ive been tossing this idea around in my head for a few weeks now.

I had a spare hour this morning so i thought i would through this together as a 'pilot' episode, to get your view/opinions. etc..


Picture of Instructables TV Pilot
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Berkin8 years ago
That is one awesome video! That is one scary eye.
Keith-Kid8 years ago
You're british?!!!! *Still watching, my opinion below this comment*
*I am typing this as I watch*

I like the intro!

The contest could be presented in a better way, and perhaps more zoomed in or something.......

I dunno if you had thought of something beforehand, or just made soem commentary, but I think it would help to practice some of the stuff youre gonna say, cuz sometimes you almost doze off in thought....

Its probably just me, but I've gotten so used to having subtitles, that I can barely watch anything without em. It's a bit silly, but maybe you should add some optional subtitles?

Where you started talking about intructables, the cookies and stuff goin on at the HQ was very good, you can make some good jokes!

The part with the cookies was very good! And we all know that cookies are the best!

You talked about the intructables in a very good way. I can't think of a good adjective. Not that proffesional, but not youtubish (You know what I mean, like a 7 year old who stole the family camera)

I like that you also talked about the forums, and discussed your opinions and such.

In summary, my suggestions based on how I liked the vid:

  • A better microphone or better acoustics (whatever makes your voice sound better, more podcast like...)
  • A green screen background would help. Or, maybe organizing the room so it still looks full of DIY stuff, but just a bit more.....comfortable... AND better lighting if youre gonna film there.
  • Come up with some dialogue beforehand.
So far its good, and its about time someone had the cojones (excuse my language) to actually do something about this! (the podcast doesn't count in this comment)

If you could get other people to film some segments, make some commentary, or generally contribute, it would be muuuuch better, and it would show how the community works together!

gmjhowe (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
Thanks keith, those are all good points, i will take them on board! The main thing is, i need to put a script together, and get into it more.
I really do wish I could help on that, I love writing, but my knowledge has become obsolete.
gmjhowe (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
Well, i figured that i would pick up a few people. Ideally, 3 people whom rotate doing it each week. So three very different personalities.
Caitlinsdad, Kiteman/goodhart and perhaps one of the staff?
gmjhowe (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
Yeah, those would have been my choices. Im not sure about the staff, they tend to be very busy. I can get coffee to do some scouting.
I feel important! i helped! Like that girl with the shake and bake pancakes commercial!!!
. LOL. You're much too young to remember those commercials.
. BTW, it was chicken, not pancakes.
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