Instructables UK Weekend Meet up - Day One

Present at the UK Meet up were -

No 2 Son

Various Projects Including - 
BBQ which then fed everyone present!
Laser Chessboard
Laser cut chess pieces
CNC Milled Chess Pieces
Metal Lathe Practice
CNC Emroidery
Laser Cut Toast Stencils

Please Find attached some sample pictures!

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... The wimmenfolk stayed inside knitting whilst the menz did the metal grinding? Son...I am disappoint. (In ALL of you!) :-P
My girlfriend said exactly the same thing!

Maybe the "wimmenfolk" didn't want to do metal grinding... she was also pretty distraught that they stayed at the workshop while we went to see the steam engine, though.

However, none* of the attendees over the age of 18 had fights with cardboard armour, though, so I think in a sense we all lose :)

except maybe Jayefuu
WHAT Only the children had cardboard armor fights?! I am EVEN MORE disappoint what is this i dont even
I have to admit the cardboard armour and weapons made quite a few bruises
What, three years on and you still ache?

How must poor Jayfuu feel? I still remember him disappearing under a hail of blows from a crowd of younglings!
Take that dissapointment right back! I won at cardboard armor fighting. Though all my weapons/armour were made by child slaves (ie stolen from kiddies).
Rules 1 and 2, Lira, 1 and 2. You'll be telling me you are twelve years old in a minute...
1 and 2? Aren't those the rules that say I can't talk about /b/? >confused<
caitlinsdad PKM7 years ago
My theory is her lil' sis hijacked her account.
I got a bit of a battering, but had no cardboard myself... L
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