Instructables User Survey

Hey Everybody,

Some friends of ours over at MIT have some questions about your participation on Instructables.

Help them out by taking this short survey:


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Dr. P5 years ago
Did it. These surveys are going to make somebody's research a lot easier than it used to be. I took a week off work to take a road trip picking up surveys from teachers and principals. Imagine: A road trip to high schools. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Oh, if I could only begin again...
rocketman75 years ago
Done! Easy and written in <3 minutes!
MaryT8M5 years ago
HMice5 years ago
Gladly done
kazoza5 years ago
Done :)
rainger5 years ago
Done! Glad to help...
Babydanner5 years ago
Complete in no time. Just do it!
depotdevoid5 years ago
Done. What's this for?
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