Instructables Visits the Exploratorium

Instructables got to sneak in to check out behind-the-scenes at the Exploratorium (which happens to be at Pier 15 which is right next door to the Instructables HQ) as well as entry into the After Dark Event: Transformations

During the private tour we were able to get more information about specific exhibits as well as a see their Exhibit Development Shop.

The next After Dark event will be Fog and it will defiantly be worth checking out.  And even if that doesn't work or you aren't old enough (After Dark is an adults only event) you should plan a day trip to the Exploratorium, there is so much to see!

Warning: Overload of pictures to follow!
Photos by Nicole and Audrey, Videos from Sherry.

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We were so glad to host you — great to have you as neighbors!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  scottkildall4 years ago
We had an awesome time! Nice to have you guys right there :)
bakunin4 years ago
My photos!
M.C. Langer4 years ago
Great... another fantastic thing I missed...
Hey, you missed by less than me - I didn't even get in the old Exploratorium.