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The other day I was out and I want to go on Instructables on a Ipod touch and I had to put in the password and user name and it would not take it so I was think they should have a app for Instructables. So I did some reserch and found out they did not have one so I thought I would seed the Instrcutables teem a email but can not find there email. If you have my answer please put it in the comments.


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dworley4 years ago
JACKBARRY5 years ago
is it free on android
It's in beta:
mhammed15 years ago
There is an instructables app for android

Kiteman6 years ago
There is an Instructables app (my son has it on his iPod Touch), but using the Touch's browser is a much better user experience.

ducktape100 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
what is the app called
I went to itunes, they say that it is not available at a US store.
It's not an app any more, it's a mobile site now - go to an instructable on your mobile device, and the format changes.
I wonder what "research" this fellow did....
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